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Par_'s Rouge One Deathtrooper W.I.P. for 501st

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Hey Guys! So I am starting a build thread for my Death Trooper that will hopefully be 501st worthy of approval [Edit: Right now I am just trying to get as close as possible. Not specifically 501st)


I will be making this out of...... wait for it.......




.... plastic signs....



I know..... outrageous right? I have been taking a liking to using For Sale signs if I can't afford the real stuff of anything armor related. I made a set of Ringwraith Gauntlets out of Record Dividers (for vinyl record collections), along with a Nazgul helmet, so hopefully I can use this technique of mine and incorperate it into Stormtrooper building.


Anyhow, let's get this started!


So having had some experience with recycling plastic sheets from record collections, I will mention the methods for shaping them.


I would draw up a temporary template on a sheet of plastic, cut it out with Cutco scissors (very good, sturdy, and heavy duty kitchen scissors), and then sand it. Then it's up to the shaping. I would use a convection oven set around 275 degrees (depending on the thickness of plastic. If its in between thick and thin, it's best to bring it down to 260 degrees), and heat it in there until it was soft and pliable enough to shape by hand. I would then take it out, and with gloves on, shape it to the proper shape needed. That is the process I came up with, being inspired by how people heat plastic for vac forming.


But now is the time for the actual costume. I already slapped together most of the abdomen out of For Sale signs and left over record dividers, using a new technique I recently came up with. For making thicker sections, I sandwiched multiple pieces with Loctite superglue (I will eventually need to use the E6000), and along the edges, I put the glue in the seperations between the sandwiched pieces. The glue hardens pretty good, and it acts as a sort of filler in a way. Just be prepared to use a lot of it. Then the edges are sanded down flat, and hopefully it should look like 1 solid piece. However, there will be some cracks along the sandwiched pieces edges, so its best to add more glue in those areas. My apologies for the large pictures, I don't have photobucket yet sad.png But these pics show you what I mean. Here is the link to the reference I am using. I still haven't made certain details, but then again, this piece isn't finished.


More to come smile.png I'll post the reference images here: https://www.facebook...?type=3 Photo courtesy of The Prop Den who got it from another person.14021743_322378354767656_6260483000735395469_n.jpg?oh=48b01b239c6c54558be1e74d5b5523b0&oe=5842A2A9




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Definitely heard of people doing this for various costumes, though never 501st. The key at the end of the day will be how it looks. If it looks like it walked off the screen (for the most part) you'll be fine. As you make progress continue to post up pictures and we'll be happy to assist to make sure you are on the right track.

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Thank you very much everyone! I have been working on the abdomen since posting this, and I may have hit a snag. I'll post update photos to see what everyone thinks.

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Hey guys! So sadly I hit an accuracy snag. So the elephant ear shaped piece on this abdomen to the death trooper (the piece my finger is pointing to in the first pic).... I didn't realize till after already gluing it on that it's supposed to over lap the trim piece my finger is pointing to in the 2nd picture. Sadly now, the piece is unable to be seperate due to the strength of the loctite superglue. I have seperated glued pieces before with a knife (acts as a lever to lift ut up with), but this is glued to thinner plastic, and s...ometimes these glued parts will rip the bottom piece as its being teared off. As you can see in tge ref lic, it's supposed to overlap the trim, and the trim doesn't show up next to the center box. Any suggestions on what I could do, or of regulations would have a problem with this minor detail? I also forgot to mention that I heat gunned the bottom portion of the abdomen so it stays closer and goes with my body. The sides were too straight at first. If this interferes with 501st, snd I can't fix it, it's ok. I'll still make this in the end abd share the progress with you all :) Also any info on where I can get the buckles for the shoulder straps would be deeply appreciated! The 3rd pic is to show you the unorganized back of the abdomen. On the far right is an extra piece for the parallel lines on the front sides, because I glued the back plate to the center grill/box closer than planned, so I extended it with the extra liece so the lines have something to rest on.


Also, I came up with an idea for the chest piece. I am thinking if dividing the shaped and angled areas apart, and then making their designs on the signs, so I can make multiple sections of the armor. I will then weld them together using a sodering iron (a lot of people have been using this technique for modding the Hasbro Black Series Kylo Ren helmet), and then I'll sand it down on all the angled edges. This will make it easier, especially since the neck line has some standing parts that act as collars on the armor. Let me know what you think.

Comparison photos courtesy of The Props Den (these are the photos I am using regularly as main reference due to the HD quality):








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Btw, does anyone have a good sources for inexpensive plastic sheets? I have gotten recommendations for buying huge plastic ABS sheets for this, over constantly going to the Hardware store to buy smaller more expensive plastic signs.


Also I have been trying to figure out how I am going to tackle the back part. I know that I will be able to take a sign and bend it into a straight but curved shape (luckily the back isn't rounded like a dome), but it's the back box I am more concerned about. I was thinking that I could make a sculpt of it out of foam/clay (using the same sculpting method that Jimerriqui over at the White Armor forums uses), then home vac form myself a box with it. Then I could attach it to the already made back armor section, but then it's all a matter of attachment. I don't think gluing with Loctite will be the best solution, because on the abdomen I tried separating some parts but the top layer started ripping open the bottom layer (it shows just how strong this superglue is). But the box on the screen used piece looks to be part of the back armor, like it transitions into it. I'm not sure about permanent attachment due to the nature of the different plastic's thickness (the signs are thicker than vac formed pieces. vac formed pieces are thin as you guys know), and if it cracks, I would need to be able to replace it with a fresh box.


So here's the idea: I could somehow made it attachable with a slot system of some sorts. There would be some cut outs in the back armor, and I could make the box so that it could "slot" into those cut outs and be locked. So If I have to replace it, I can just slip it out, make the new box, insert back in.


Also I found out from White Armor that the buckles are Harley Roller buckles. Would anyone know where I should look out for these?

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The plastic sheets should be pretty easy to find. Just look up your local plastic distributor in your area, and swing by to pick them up. If your vehicle wont hold a full sheet, they'll usually cut it in half for you for no charge. If they don't, mark it off in the center and score a straight line across it. ABS is a "score and snap" material.

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Thanks! I'l see if I can find one here, I haven't heard of one being here.

Speaking of the Death Trooper armor,



I have a lead. The triangular d ring on the DT is a tactical belt buckle. Now I don't know what brand the screen used one is, but it is military or air force possibly. My dad gave me a tactical buckle after I told him I found some close enough on eBay, but needed some that are more accurate. This pretty much hits it on the mark in terms of preportion and shape :D Thanks dad!

Now the only inaccuracy thus far is that it is rounded. But that should be able to pass basic approval... once the 501st gets a CRL up. Only things needing to be done are: removal of center adjusting bar, and paint with possibly rustoleum aluminum paint. For tracking down the company, it says "The Wilderness Tactical prod LLC, Phoenix AZ", then a phone number. Not sure if this company is still in bussiness, but if anyone has more leads let me know! Also it is a thick metal buckle, and a little heavy, so any advice on how to make sure this gets attached to the plastic armor once it's finished would be amazing. I still need to know who sells the main harness that goes on top of this is. Somehow people have been finding some really good harness buckles, so any info on companies would be appreciated :D

Darth Emphatic, what do you think?







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*Update* Stepping back from the Abdomen, but will need to redo a section on it to get the right details.


I will start working on the crotch area and the legs. For the crotch armor it looks just like Vader's foam padding he had, so I will be basing the hidden areas off of his armor's general shape possibly. Also it looks like the butt armor looks pretty similar to the OT TK armor, so that will be my base.

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Nice buckle. You'll definitely want to get something closer to the screen used buckle, though. The CRL is still a WIP but would think the buckle shape needs to be close to the target shape for basic approval. We'll see how that pans out. Check out Mark's DT build here as you might get some ideas from it. He's taken the lead on developing the CRL and tracking down parts and pieces.



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Thanks Griffin :D


I just made and shaped the cod piece with a heat gun, and so far the armor is going smoothly (lol now that I've said that, it's going to start going downhill xD). More to come. I couldn't see what the cod piece looks like under the belt (the belt hides the top) so I based it's width off of the FOTK's (knowing that the width on theirs is short)


Next bit is sanding to make it rounder at the edges :D





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DT FOR 501st update. I am working on the legs now, will get back to the abdomen later. I think the order I'll do it in is: legs, abdomen, arms, chest. Then I'll source the smaller detail pieces later, but first I want to see this actually become a Stormtrooper (every time I've tried, I never got far and failed).

I will better shape the thigh tomorrow; needs more curvature especially on he left side for it needs to curve with the thigh. The whole piece is turned a bit to the right right now, but hopefully it won't be that far turned in the end, this is mainly a fitting test, and it's hard when your leg armor is spread out farther than it should be instead of close to your leg.









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So DT lower leg in process. This is no where near finished, just giving it a general base to be built/shaped off of. Now I'm certain the 501st will deny this if there is no muscle shape in it, per the screen used piece. I tried to angle it to give that look, but I think ill have to straighten it (I am holding it shut in the pics because it isn't heated for shaping yet, do straightening the top to get rid of the cone shape shouldn't be much of a problem). So since the muscle i...s an issue, and the bottom of this when put on is too much a long oval at the sides, I will lose the tightness and make it straighter at the top, heat gun the sides and give it a subtle pinch at the bottom to both give a muscle shape AND give it that room at the front so my ankles can move freely. Thoughts?thankfully the back is ok in terms of shape. My plan is to make the back overlapped by one side and velcroed just like the OTTK calfs, and it will be covered by the rear cover strip (I can't think of how else they got in there). In the last pic it is shown with my thigh front piece. It is curved inward more (the thigh piece), and when put on my thigh it vecomes wider. It majes my thigh piece look real small in tge pic. Now I'm debating whether I should submit this to the 501st, or just make it an accurate/fun costume. I'll at least get it as close as I can with these signs, and if it works for tgem, then hey that's awesome! If not, at least I made a really close costume :)










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This is a fun build to watch. I'm not convinced that this method will result in an accurate enough product to be accepted by 501st standards, but it is commendable regardless. Some pieces such as the ab plate are looking amazing, but things such as the shins are going to be a major challenge using these methods. I can't stop watching though, so keep going!

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Thank you very much! Don't worry :) Even if it doesn't reach 501st, it will still be fun to have a costume that's not a cheap Halloween bit of fabric :)

I will change the shape of the shins a bit. It's too much of a cone shape, and with a heatgun (and with hand shaping) I'll angle it straighter at the top and pinch the very bottom of it so it has a muscle shape to it (and so it allows me ankles comfort. It's too much of a circle when I roll it up and it so pains my ankles! It needs to be an elongated oval from front to back, and not side to side).


More to come :)

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Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Procrastinating....... :)


Anyhow, I have bought more signs to get the generic legs out. Hopefully I will be able to come up with something :D I'll possibly be able to post something in the next few weeks.


"Stay on target..."

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I fixed a major accuracy issue with my abdomen section where I had to cut off the lower panels (due to the superglue ripping sections apart when I tried to separate the pieces). I will post pics soon :)


Next is finishing up the basic shapes of the leg sections. Then it's all in figuring out the details and trimming it where it needs trimming (along with eventually buying more signs for the back thigh sections). Then after that I will do the lower back section of the armor so I have an entire half DT.


Also huge announcement!!! I am not sure if I will do this specifically for 501st, due to possible minor inaccuracies causing it an issue, but I am still going for as accurate as possible. Once I am done with this, then we will see where it goes from there (I will still be posting in this thread). For now, it's just getting the costume made first.

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***UPDATE*** I fixed a major accuracy issue with my abdomen section where I had to cut off the lower panels (due to the superglue ripping sections apart when I tried to separate the pieces). I will post pics soon :) Next is finishing up the basic shapes of the leg sections. Then it's all in figuring out the details and trimming it where it needs trimming (along with eventually buying more signs for the back thigh sections). Then after that I will do the lower back section of the armor so I have an entire half DT. Also huge announcement!!! I am not sure if I will do this specifically for 501st, due to possible minor inaccuracies causing it an issue, but I am still going for as accurate as possible. Once I am done with this, then we will see where it goes from there (I will still be posting in this thread). For now, it's just getting the costume made first.


Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing the finished results! :thumbsup:

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Page 2!!!!!!!! Whoop whoop!


Here we go! Essentially the lower side panels next to the center box weren't accurate enough (they weren't overlapping a piece of trim), and I glued one on but couldn't separate without ripping the plastic off, so I had to cut them off. Now I have replaced them with better ones, and my gosh! The center of this thing feels as hard as hockey gear!!! (the sides however I wouldn't advice hitting because of the flexible plastic)


I know need to finish the panels and complete the side grills you see on the left and right.


Eventually more to come (as long as I stop procrastinating!) :)






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  • 1 month later...

Progress continues on the DT. The other front Thigh piece has been made. It's pictured here with the other thigh, abdomen (unfinished), and crotch pieces.

Word of advice: when working with signs, be extra sure to sand before painting. The words on the sign show up on the paint job.






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  • 3 weeks later...

Made the Death Trooper ammo pouch (or WWII German MP-40 ammo pouch), using the same methods of the pouch I posted below. While not 100% accurate, I'm happy with it :)


Also I have decided that on this costume I'm not specifically going for 501st, seeing as I'm mainly doing this costume for the fun of it, but mainly with hopes of finally experiencing what a stormtrooper armor feels like. Right now I am just trying to get as close as I can possibly get, with the exception of some minor inaccuracies. However I will continue to update this :)


I also worked a little more on the abdomen. Took off some parts because they were pretty much trash. There is a little inaccuracy that isn't too noticeable at first glance, but I may end up just leaving it. I'm not sure how I will remedy the problem, but we'll see what happens.






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While not 100% accurate, before the MP-40 ammo pouch I threw together the DT'S belt pouch the last night with fake leather, superglue, and Velcro (that's how I made the MP-40 pouch). That snap there isnt a snap. It's a rivet glued in with velcro on the underside of the flap. Close enough!

I also spray painted tan and red paint with an acrylic black over it in areas. This gives it a leathery, weathered look like it's been in mud. Real happy tonight! Not really going for 501st on this one but hey, if they think the costume in the end is good, then yay! 1f603.png:D









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