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Howdy, I ordered my Shadow Trooper kit from Anovos at SDCC LAST year, and it just showed up yesterday and I couldn't be more excited! I'm looking into boots now, and I'm curious about 2 used pairs I've found and which ones might be best?






I'm still trying to learn all the lingo, but I take it "Centurion" is the highest level of classification for accuracy? So I'm trying to meet those standards, although honestly the costume is for me, so I really don't care that much. Would either of those boots be acceptable? Which ones would be more appropriate?



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Well, I ordered the first ones, and apparently I am a "wide" no matter what. I was hoping they would have been worn in enough for it no to matter too much. They're just a smidge too tight to comfortable wear. I'm trying a trick right now by placing a bag of water in the foot and putting it in the freezer. Any other suggestions for widening them a little? I'm pretty comfortable working with leather since I've had a business making leather stuff for 4 years, so worst case scenario, I might be able to cut the top part off and attach it to a different show.


Does anyone wear a 12 regular and have boots that are a little too big they want to trade, lol? ;P

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