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Need help with parts

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Hey guys! I may need a little help identifying certain parts. I have looked over Marktoots thread, but no names are given to what the parts are called, and I really would like to find original parts for this. Could someone tell me what parts the D ring and buckle are on the shoulder straps? The originals were found in that thread but again, no names were mentioned so I need to know what they are called and where I can track some down :D


Thanks guys!

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The buckles on the shoulder straps are Harley Roller buckles from a Martin Baker ejection seat harness. They can be found on ebay (occassionally) as part of the harness but are expensive. The d-ring is again part of an aircrew harness system. I have not found either part for sale as individual components.

The d-ring at the bottom of the chest armour is again from a aircrew/military harnessing system and in it's true form is adjustable.

The shoulder buckle/d-ring combination on the DT have been glued/welded together to form a single unit and I am am certain have then been cast as the finger plate on the buckle release mechanism has been thickened up on the DT armour to make the cast stronger.

All d-rings on the armour have a purpose. They provide mounting points for the ammo belt that is carried by the DT with the Pauldron in some of the reference photos.

Hope that helps ☺


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Thank you Mark! This helps!

Do they adjust the straps themselves at all (like the straps under the arms and the ones on the shoulders), or are they just hook points for the ammo belt? Trying to figure out if I should just make duplicates of the d rings with the for sale signs (it would be missing the adjustable part, but helps with weight as well on the armor), and track down the top buckle.

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The buckles on the costume are non - functioning and the D-Rings are just connection points. All adjustment for the ammo belt is on te belt itself.

For info, when I get back from vacation I intend on posting an thread for ordering buckle/d-ring sets which will be cast to order ☺


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SO if anyone is trying to find the Ammo Pouches and is having trouble, HAVE I GOT A FIND FOR YOU!


Epic Militaria​ Sells both original and reproduction WWII items and uniforms, and they MAKE THEIR OWN POUCHES! They are WAY less than Trooperbay, under $50USD, and I have them. They are EPIC!


Now I just need the armor and to finish my blaster...



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