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Necron's Denver colorado Magma build!

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It's me Necron, aka Gorn, Aka will, here in Denver Colorado. It's about time I started a new thread about my magma getting refitted. I got this second or maybe even third hand. I am repairing it and resizing it to fit me so I can be part of Spec ops. Please feel free to comment and give feedback as I have little idea of what I am doing. Here we go.

post-2133-0-09338600-1472747785_thumb.jpg Whoever built this helmet used a lot of glue gun to hold everything together. I am tearing it all out and re building it.

post-2133-0-92353900-1472747786_thumb.jpgpost-2133-0-75103600-1472747787_thumb.jpg All torn apart and cleaned. Ready for a fresh start.

post-2133-0-05788000-1472747786_thumb.jpg Ears look salvageable.

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Welcome to Spec Ops. I always dig salvaging old costumes to make them better. Looks like you're off to a good start.

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Alright I have torn apart the leg armor and I was wondering if some one could answer a question for re building them. My kit seems to have the cover strip integrated into one of the armor plates. Is this allowable for approval or do I need a separate cover strip to join the two halves of the leg armor?

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That is nice to hear, however I would like a more technical and authoritative answer on this. I had to scrap a "Great Looking" TK suit due to resizing improperly. And I heard that encouragement before on that exact suit.



Here you can see the right side overlaps the left side. It would seem that the armor is designed this way, however I want to be SURE.

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Okay, fair enough. I'm a member of the command staff of Spec Ops and have served as a DL for this detachment in the past. Your armor appears to be FX or maybe even AM armor since it had the "built in" cover strips. If it's assembled correctly, you'll have no problem. Basic approval in the 501st is not specific to whether you have cover strips or not. However, if you apply for the Specialist program here, it could be an issue depending on how it looks.


What is the make of the armor? The pic above reminds me of the FX armor I wore as a Shadow Stormtrooper. Based on what you've shown, I don't see an issue.


Hope this helps and toss up some more pics and we'll help guide you.

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Awesome! That's kind of what I figured but I can't be too careful. Thanks for the answer and qualifier. I have no idea what this make is. If you could, let me know what to look for so I can determine and let you know.


No problem at all. Can you post a pic of the chest/back? That will help identify the kit for sure.

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