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Looking for GREAT boots for Shadow Scout

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Hello everyone,

Recently, I made a pair of boots for my Shadow Scout. The boot itself was Brahama brand. While they get the job done, I'm not enjoying them. I have problems to begin with-bone spurs. I have a specific foot support I generally wear for any shoes. Add to this, shoes are a royal pain to shop for. Get the width just right, I have too much space in the toes. Get the toes just right, the sides of the shoes are too tight (i can't wear Nike shoes anymore, UGH!). Does anyone have a pair of boots they'd recommend for comfort? I'll pay reasonable $ for something that has comfort and has great tread (I have another pair of Brahamas I bought for a different scout. Bought them in May. The tread is wearing fast in them). Thanks!

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Hitup Chris on this forum. He makes a super nice Biker Scout boot in black or white (for the classic scouts). I'm not certain what he uses as a base boot, but they are super comfortable.



Thanks Griffin,

Thats good to know, but really, I'm just looking for a good pair to buy, and make the rest. Any suggestions?

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