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Toddo's Flametrooper Tank Mods

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Ok, I wanted to show how I added LEDs to my flametrooper tanks. Mine are the MLC tanks made out of lightweight fiberglass. The first thing I did was to use a dremel to remove the domes from the tanks so that I could insert the lenses.



I didn't have any red plastic laying around, so I spray painted some plastic from a blister pack with some candy apple Testor's that I had on the bench. Then I cut to shape and installed the lens covers into the domes. I cut some aluminum sleeves to place inside the domes so that I could re-attach the domes to the tube.




Then I carefully cut the lid of the OII box out so that I could access the inside of the tubes and add the electronics.




In addition to the 9V I added to the inside of the OII lid, I added a small toggle to turn the operate the lighting.



Given that the tubes are such lightweight fiberglass, there was some light transmission where I didn't want it through thin spots in the tube walls. I simple added some foil along the insides of the tubes. It also helps to reflect the LEDs for optimal dispersion of light. I then used a small barrier strip to send the current from the battery to the switch and to each of the two LEDs.




For the LEDs I chose to use Luxeon LEDs intended for lightsabers. I figure if they are bright enough for that, then I'm in business. maul23.jpg


Here you can see things lit-up: 4992FBE9-1991-4744-A31A-F6DE1D5966AB_zpsesuiawqf.jpg


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I really like the brightness. How long does it last on a 9 volt? I've done a bright LED before and found it to be a short life span, and with the pack on the back you can't exactly switch it on and off.


Looks great though!


I haven't run it for any length of time, but 6 volts tends to keep a lightsaber with no sound going for a long time, so 9 into two of those lights might be ok. Otherwise, just stick a different battery arrangement inside. Be sure to test the heat first though as some lightsabers use a heatsink for the luxeons, and increased power would lead to increased warmth.

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Todd, how did you mount the two black "tubes" on your tanks? Trying to figure out the best way to do mine. They're kinda out there hanging in the breeze and I'd like them secure and strong.


Mine were cast as part of the main tanks, I can lift the unit by those black pipes. Are you using separate pipes for those?

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Mine were cast as part of the main tanks, I can lift the unit by those black pipes. Are you using separate pipes for those?


Yeah they were made separate and I'm trying to figure out the best way to attach them so they're solid.

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