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Grappling hooks and comlinks

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Ive been kicking around the Idea of picking up an black grappling hook box and com link for my TX. I figured I could rock them at cons and non 501st events at the very least. But since a TK is allowed the configuration does them mean so are we? I mean its not like i'm asking to carry a light saber :starwars: or anything.... Though a few more blasters wouldn't hurt me thinks, you can never have too much firepower ....... :pirate:

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Technically, no. TXs don't have a reference for ever being equipped with them... (Why do TKs have comlinks anyway? ANH clearly showed the comm in the helmet.) But, if your garrison let's you rock them, either through indifference or ignorance, I'm not going to say a thing. :whistling:



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*coughs* ESP *coughs*

lol we dont need no stinking comlinks


i played around with that idea before =/ wanted a comlink just for the sake of having one but eh i guess i can still save it for a TK oneday

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