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SANDMANxGB's Deathtrooper Build Thread

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Hey guys! Thought I'd share my build thread with you guys. I'm a part of the Dune Sea Garrison but will be moving to the Southern California Garrison in about 2 weeks. I'm super excited for this build and plan on building everything myself from the ground up, literally everything. I'm modeling it all myself then will be 3D printing it then finishing it up by hand. I'm super excited for this build as I'm 6'7"/slender build and the DT's were supposedly 6'5" in the film so this is perfect!


Anyway guys here's my progress so far :) Keep in mind this is my first large sale 3D model project and the below models have had some fine tuning since these shots were taken. Next I'll be modeling the armor, range finder and SE-14r. The tubes on the bucket I'll be doing after it's printed, and I also left the front greeblies empty to allow electronics.












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Hey Oliver nice work brother

Awesome looking models! Looking forward to watching your progress.


Thanks guys! I hope everyone is having an awesome week so far. Here's some more progress for ya!


I completely redid the helmet for the last time lol I swear I did that at least 11 times. The rest of the finer details and finishing will be done by hand. As for the blaster I redid the laser light thing under the barrel to fix the overall shape.















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What are your plans for the blaster model? Do you intend to offer the model up or will you be doing production runs?


I may do some runs, I'm actually going to start 3D printing everything tonight. I just moved from AZ to CA so everything is finally settling down. I'll keep you updated brother!

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Another update! Finished modeling the front and back armor and I also almost finished the forearms. As for the left forearm I'll be adding actual rubber bands for the 2 bands that go around the wrist area.


I have some surface detailing left on the forearms, biceps and shoulder bells like the lines, etc. After those are done I'll be moving to do the abdomen/back armor.


Last but not least my large format 3D printer came in, it's a kit I have to build but once it's done I should be able to print out larger pieces instead of slicing the models.











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Man... great update on your images.

Interessting to see first prints of your parts,

especially your DT E-11.

They are awesome models mate. Well done. Looking forward to seeing this build develop :)


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Thanks guys! Super hyped to get this finished.

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Another update guys! Finished the Armor 100%, re-worked the helmet (ignore the helmet on the full armor images as that's the old version) and created the Spectra sensor that's detachable! I'll be doing runs in the future of everything so keep an eye out for that!








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Oh...sexy I saw your "Talib" boots. It's a good choise, I think. I try to find "Mayer"(43) in black for several mounth now. It's nearly unpossible. :shok: And original "Jered" ... :laugh1: Cheers


Oh I know the pain haha I found one large size for sale on the RPF but it sold instantly. The Talib is the best since they have our size. Also, they have a 10 percent off if you sign up for their emails and order straight from Dr. Marten!

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Another update! My larger 3D printer is almost done being built, I also ordered another larger one that's practically pre-assembled so I don't waste any more time printing things out. I'll be doing a run of everything. Keep in mind this is made for people around 6'3~ and higher as I modeled this to 6'6" (my height). I'm considering printing out a smaller scaled version as well. Everything will be casted in Fiberglass and resin.


No that's out of the way, I fixed some small details on the bucket. Re-did the entire dome, completely finished the spectra sensor, fixed the nose vents and made the front lights of the helmet smaller as they were too thick. And lastly I began working on the SE-14r. It's still a WIP but I think it's coming along great :)





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