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Thermal Detonator

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I zip tied it with a quick connect, so I could dress myself. 7bdc764840067f4a483e983fe2ec90e1.jpg6fdbe2c23db4181f39ae7a1915a00eba.jpg78831688b9ae6ace298e6bc79d9820a4.jpg22e248a62c6115795b21d36f3f2698a0.jpg



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk0b462df9a9873dcf7dbf1950f6e5561f.jpg


This is the way it looks from the back and if you blow it up, you should be able to see the brackets that I use for show.

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I use two two-sided hook and loop straps. I use hook and loop for the belt closure in the back, so it attaches to that. It hasn't moved since I attached it with that.


I have some clips, but they pretty much just for show at this point.

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