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So Hasbro has this new Shadow Trooper figure out that is all sorts of fancy with sounds and a jetpack.


The jetpack looks very similar to a Bona Fett pack just in black and silver.









So let's get this added to the CRL as an optional accessory :)


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Awesome I didn't know that. I don't have a PS4/XB1 so I don't have the game.


The one in the game looks vastly different than the toy.








Now seriously could we get this added? I would be willing to give it a go if it could be added.


I don't think it should be a new CRL just an optional accessory. For example I have a HWT that is only seen in a video game:




So what do you guys think?


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Does anyone know how/if this could be added as an accessory in the CRL? If it takes someone building it first I can definitely give it a go.


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I thought the Clones had a type of jet pack that was close to this? Maybe take a look through the Clone CRLs for the jet trooper. If it's close maybe all you would have to do is add some greeblies or build it up a bit. Just a thought.



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I have been thinking about how to attack it. I am definitely gonna give it a go. I am just brainstorming the best way to attack it. What I really need is some great pictures of the sideshow toy.



Its the same as the shadow one in the game but in white for the TK.


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We'll need solid, multiple angle game shots to support adding it to the CRL. The LMO is onboard for doing it, we've just got to make sure we have our references lined up in order.


PS - love this idea!

Awesome! I will try and hunt down some high res photos.


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I am going to try to make a pack myself. Hopefully it can be an optional accessory or an add on. :)



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Great! We can bounce ideas off each other.


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I found this over on FISD and I thought it might help. How does this look in comparison?





That one matches the Hasbro toy, but the one in the game that we can do is pretty different. Thanks though, always good having more eyes on it.


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I am currently working on a prototype for the Spacetrooper and Shocktrooper Pack. I build a bunch a different versions of pack and have been toying with the idea of the Jetpack. Especially for the Shadowtrooper. Would be nice to see the shiny black. I currently have a 3-D model being designed, as well as I am looking into if construction is possible with readily available goods.

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I have decided to start a build thread for the Battlefront Jump Pack. The 2 pictures below are my main reference photos. If anyone has any better detailed ones, please feel free to post in this thread. I will get some more before I begin.

My thought process here is to use PVC Foam Board for the creation of the prototype. From there, I will be able to create molds for Vac-Forming and/or 3D printing.

The prototype will be built in white and a second one will be constructed in black. I personally want a black one, since I am slowly building a Shadow Trooper.

It is not my intention to take this project over from anyone, I just currently have the time to be able to work on this.

Please feel free to comment on this thread as much as you want. I am sure there will be some trial and error (just like with the Magma (Sullust) Trooper pack).



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