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Tommy's DT Blastech E-11D Blaster build

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Hi there,


I have loved the look of the Rogue One Death Trooper Blaster ever since I saw the first pics and trailer and also the Death Trooper armour which my build thread is on here also.


Anyway I was thinking of ways to get it started, PVC pipe adding some parts from E-11's. Some of the parts are real world found parts such as the rear stock, tactical torch and shoulder strap buckles.


Then I thought gee I 3D print stuff why not do that...haha. So I tried my hand at designing it in 123D design and lets just say there were several expletives thrown at the monitor.


I have a really good mate Marty who is an Industrial 3D designer who has helped me before with some 3D modelling, he is a massive SW fan and has an eye for designing blasters.


So with reference pics in hand and the Hot Toys figure which has a fantastically detailed Blaster, it was off to see the wizard.


Here is his awesoke 3D render that he designed, absolutely fantastic job.




Here is an exploded view of all the parts.




So with these awesome STL files it was off to the printer and much sanding.


In the mean time I ordered a torch and the buckles of Ebay however I was not able to get the real stock.

Not only did Marty do an awesome job on the model he also put a list of hex screws together so you can assemble it without glue and a PDF for the vinyl stickers that go on the blaster.


Here it is assembled with the torch, buckles, 6 mm rod for the stock and hex screws.






Next step was to get some paints, always my go to brand is Rustoleum grey primer and for this blaster matt black.


I also picked up some Tamiya Metallic Aluminium for the front of the blaster muzzle.


Then I had a think about how I was going to weather the burnt metal look onto the front of the barrel.


Tamiya make a weathering kit #D it has a burnt Blue and Red I also watched a YouTube video on how to use it.


I also needed a metallic violet colour to complete the weathering effect, so I raided my wife's make up and it worked a treat....it really set off my eye's.....Ha Ha just kidding Red is more my colour....no I mean on the barrel.




So after a couple of coats of primer and several coats of matt black and some sanding it was time to apply the the metallic aluminium to the front of the muzzle.


I just used a light coats of the Aluminium and Black to give it a gradual effect.


Then I started on the burnt weathering effect, I just rubbed on the colours with the applicator and then blended them into each other with my finger.


I then assembled the blaster using several different sized hex bolts.


I bought some red and white vinyl wrap cut out the decals from the PDF that was created and applied them.


I also purchased some scrap red and yellow perspex cut and sanded this to fit.


Finally I did some dry brush weathering with silver and she was done.

















Thanks for taking a look and I hope you like it.


Cheers Tom

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Wich buckles have you ordered ?


Are you offering the STL files ?


With regards to my STL files for the E-11D and all my Death Trooper files I sell them.


If you are interested please send me a PM on Facebook (Tom Campbell or TDK Props)


Cheers Tom

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