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Thermal Detonator end cap split open

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I was pushing on one of my ANOVOS Thermal Detonator end caps and it split open. I was able to move it to an area that won't be visible. But should I replace it? If so, where/how? And if not, is there something that can remedy it from splitting more? e61c03e1208686f620b80511440297f0.jpg8a930ce8f20e353a7d65a85ed278f4ca.jpg



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Ouch! I'm not aware of anything you can do to keep it from splitting more since it's almost run the diameter of the cap. You would have to have a way to relieve the stress at the fracture point. I would message WTF on FB and see if you can obtain a new set of caps. He makes shadowtroopers and would most likely have that part in stock. Even if you could get a set in white you could at least paint it black to match so maybe check the FISD forums (whitearmor.net) as well.

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ABS paste would be a great idea, and you could reach out to Walt at Walt's Trooper Factory and see if he's got a spare or is doing a black run soon.


Otherwise, submerge in hot water for about 20 seconds before putting on the tube. This will help reduce the chances of splitting. It allows the plastic to be flexible.

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