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Battlefront Magma Trooper Pack Build V2

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After some trial and error, I have decided to start this build over. Major credit is given to Magmatrooper1205 for being the founder of this build.

I am going to show each and every step on this build, so if you would like to build it for yourself, you should be able to. This is a very technical build with some materials we do not typically use.

On this first post, I will continue to update the materials list as I go. This will be a slow process, but the end results should be very good.

UPDATED ON 1/8/2017




  • Small and medium exacto knife.
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Red Pen
  • Belt Sander - Table Version
  • Dremel with circular butting blade for cutting acrylic plexi glass
  • Full face shield for safety






REFERENCE PHOTO: (Provided by Magmatrooper1205)


REFERENCE PHOTO - From Battlefront Game:




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The fins can be seen on the left and right side of the pack. They appear to be silver in color and spaced equally apart.


The first step is to make the stencils. You will need to make 4 different stencils. See below:



Fin Stencil 01:

12cm x 12cm with (2) 2cm Radii.



Fin Stencil 02:

11cm x 10cm with (2) 2cm Radii.



Fin Stencil 03:

10cm x 8cm with (2) 2cm Radii.



Fin Stencil 04:

9cm x 6cm with (2) 2cm Radii.



From these we will be cutting 14 fins.


I ordered the following material for the fins:

1/8" thick acrylic plexi glass sheets, clear 12"x 24"


Once this arrives, I will be able to begin cutting. Expected delivery is 12/16/16.


Alright, the material for the fins, arrived.

I decided to leave the plastic cover on the plexi to make it easier for me to trace the stencil.

First, I placed stencil #1 on the bottom corner of the plexi. This is so I could have 2 good straight edges to work with. I then traced the stencil with the red pen.




Next, I put on the protective face shield and used the dremel with the circular blade to make the cut where marked by the red pen. If you go slow enough, you can keep it in a straight line.

You will notice I cut the 2 corners at a 45 degree angle. I will shape it properly on the sanding table.


I then sanded the edges to make a smooth radius at the corners.


The end result...I will now cut all of the remaining pieces (14 total) and then apply an aluminum type spray paint.


I wanted to go ahead and test the paint adherence to the acrylic, so I painted 4 fins.

First, I cleaned off the plexi glass with very fine steel wool to make for a smooth surface the paint would stick to.



Next I used a premium Chrome Aluminum Gloss Spray Paint from a local hardware store.


I laid the fins out to paint 1 side at a time.


I then applied 2 coats to each side. This is what I ended up with. I am happy with this result and will continue with this method for all remaining fins. Unfortunately, I did not order enough of the material, so I will have to wait for it to come in.


Finally finished all 20 pieces. This has got to be the most difficult part of this build.


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(Photo courtesy of Magmatrooper1205)

First, I decided to create the left and right bottom of panels. As I continue to do this, I will make it more clear the area I am working on. I am learning this as I go along.

I made templates out of cardboard, so I could do this again and again.

This is left side panel:


This is the right side panel (plate): Before I trimmed it.


I then placed the template on the 1/4" PVC Expanded Plastic Sheet and traced both of them.

At this point, I used the dremel tool to make the cut and the table sander to clean the edges. Below is the final result.


Below is the template I made for the front plate that these 2 side plates attach to. Once you cut this out of the PVC, it has to be bent into shape by heating up the pvc where you need to bend it. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of this process.


Below was my first attempt at glueing all of the pieces together. However, I glued the side pieces on backwards. Do do not do it this way.


After I painted it, I realized I had put the longer side with the notch on the wrong side. When facting the pack, it needs to be on the left. See pictures below:


Next, I cut the backplate at 500 mm x 250 mm, as a starting point. this will be trimmed as I go along.

I then placed the piece on the back piece and traced out the right section. The piece to the left will need to be removed.


I then glued the 2 pieces togther..


Now that we have got the bottom panel / plates glued together, it is time to work on the upper portion.

I started with a template created from cardboard.



I then traced the template, confirmed the measurements, and cut out the piece from the PVC Foamboard.


I again used the heat gun to bend the plate (panel) where I needed to.



At this point, I measured and traced out the 2 side pieces that go with this face plate. Use this template for both plates. Only need the notch in 1 plate.



I am waiting to cut the notch until I can confirm placement.


Next cut out 2 identical pieces that will go on the face plate. At some point, I will label the pack and reference the pieces so this is easire to follow. Measurements will also be clarified and added to all drawings and text. Since this is a work in progress, I am having to do things, via trial and error.


These 2 pieces will be bent 90 degrees to allow for the proper sizing. Next time, I will not bend these and just create 3 separate pieces, in lieu of 2.

Bending is made possible by applying heat to the PVC Foam board via heat gun.


I then slid these onto the face plate and allowed for 15 mm around the edges.. Glued, taped, etc....




Once the glue dried. I sanded it down and prepared it for painting. For now, I applied 2 coats of gray primer paint (flat).




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I should be able to fix that, but ideally you host the photos on a site like photobucket or imgur and link them here using the which those sites provide to make it easier. This has the benefit of you being in control of your own photos and allowing you to remove them at any time if you wanted. Saves the detachment space too...Space = $ :).

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The current "Maximum number of images per post" is set to 30. It appears he is using PhotoBucket, so that's good. I think if he limits the number of images per post (space them out into separate thread replies -- instead of one large reply), it'll work fine and look better from a readability stand point.

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The current "Maximum number of images per post" is set to 30. It appears he is using PhotoBucket, so that's good. I think if he limits the number of images per post (space them out into separate thread replies -- instead of one large reply), it'll work fine and look better from a readability stand point.


I will give that a try. Sounds like a good plan.

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Ok. I have spent the last couple of days working hard on this thing.

First thing I noticed was that I put the side panels on backwards. The part with the notch needs to be on the left side of the pack. Below is the corrected version.


After I corrected that mistake (this happens when working on a prototype for future builds). I cut out the back plate 500 mm x 250 mm.


I then cut out the 215 mm x 58 mm section at the bottom right.


Then glued the finished portions to the back plate.


I then glued the previously cut top angles to the back plate. (only 1 shown below)


When I test fit the top plate over these, it appeared they were too long. Therefore I had to remove them and cut them down.


At the same time, I shortened the back plate by 75 mm and glued the two angle pieces back on. You will notice the fins and some other pieces are on the left side of the photo. These will be discussed in another section.


For what I am calling the access hatch on the face plate, I created this out of the 1/8" PVC board and cut out a 14 cm x 13 cm rectangle. I had actually cut out a hole on the face plate at 13cm x 12cm, however, I could not get it to function correctly. So for this prototype I am going to keep the access hatch on top of the plate instead of flush. I will see if I can make an operational hatch for Version 3.


For the upper small "Name Plate" on the face plate, I cut a 4 cm x 6 cm rectangle out of the same 1/8 pvc board.


These are the 2 plates after 2 coats of the flat gray spray paint.


Here is a picture with the plates attached.


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In order to keep each post to a reasonable length, I will be breaking the remaining portions of the builds into additional sections.

Below is my latest progress. I know I am currently jumping around a little bit, however, I only have time at night to work on the build, so I have to work on different items at the same time. Once I am 100% complete, I will go back and make final revisions.

I am currently working on the copper piping on both the left side and right side of the pack.

For this I am using 2 cm diameter copper pipe and elbows. I cut the pipe to 5.5 cm in length. I cut 6 pieces and used 4 elbows for the left side.

This is for the top section:


Bottom section:


Glued the 4 pieces onto the Fins and Pack.


For the 2 exhaust ports (bottom right of the pack), I started with 2 plastic drink bottles:


I then removed the labeling and cleaned them:


I then cut off the bottoms of the bottles and painted them flat black.

While I was waiting for them to dry, I worked on the angled portion of the exhaust ports. I decided to use a cardboard tube container. It is very thick and durable. I cut the pieces at a 45 degree angle. In order for them to fit properly over the bottle, I had to cut a slit in the back..



I then added many coats of white primer and gloss paint to these pieces. Once dry, I glued them to the bottles. You will notice that one of the bottles, I cut shorter to match the reference pictures.


Next I worked on the box that is on the bottom right of the pack, directly adjacent to the exhaust ports.

Below are the photos. I will add the text, later.






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Getting very close. I have added the tubing, reinforced the back, added the shoulder straps, completed the copper work, attached the exhaust port, and many other items.

I still have to correct the imperfections, weather the pack, add the vertical details on the fins, connect the tubing to the helmet and add the respirator.

Below are some more pictures of the progress:










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I haven't checked the finer details yet, but man is that shaping up nicely!


Thanks. I do still have work to do on the details. Especially on the Fins. I still need to add the vertical components and some of the square cut-outs.


I am currently weathering it some and brushing it up.


I am finally going to start the Jump Pack this week, while I wait for my Shadow Trooper Kit to come in from WTF.

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The respirator model and mold are complete. This is a picture of the first resin one. Now all I have to do is add the red LED Light, paint black and install the magnets to hold onto the helmet.

I am now at the point where I can put the final touches on this entire package (pack, shin armor, respirator system).


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