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CrookKnight's Battlefront Jump Pack Build

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I am beginning the Jump Pack Build

My thought process here is to use PVC Foam Board for the creation of the prototype. From there, I will be able to create molds for Vac-Forming and/or 3D printing.

The prototype will be built in white and a second one will be constructed in black. I personally want a black one, since I am slowly building a Shadow Trooper.

It is not my intention to take this project over from anyone, I just currently have the time to be able to work on this.

Please feel free to comment on this thread as much as you want. I am sure there will be some trial and error (just like with the Magma (Sullust) Trooper pack).



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Here are some additional reference pictures I am using. It appears there are at least 3 types of Jump Packs:


1. Shadow Trooper Jump Pack - Black

2. Storm Trooper Jump Pack - White

3. Rebel jump Pack - Green - the pack itself is different. (Obviously I will not be building this one).


Additional Reference Pictures:






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I was able to spend a little time on the Jump Pack, last night. Below are some of the photos. First, I am constructing this via 2D, then I will add the depth and make it 3 dimensional. Then all of the detail work...


By the way, I am posting all of these pictures from Facebook instead of Photobucket. (Much easier).





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Latest progress on the Jump Pack.

Almost done with the face of the pack. Remaining PVC should be in this week, so I can build sides and back. Still alot of details to work on. Need to find someone who can help me with metal thrusters on the sides and the heat shields.


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Thanks Tony, you are the master of all builds.


A quick update on the pack. I am getting a model of the thrusters from a gentlemen who makes Boba Fett packs (I will add his name here). Should have those in about 2 weeks.


I finally got my forming putty in so I can finish the look of the pack, add the detail, and smooth out the corners.


Once that is complete, I will be looking at vacforming this pack in parts so I can make them faster and this kind of pack will look great using this method.







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I finally got the thrusters in. Now we are designing this in 3D in order to get it as accurate as possible. Once complete, I will print the first one in PLA. Should come out similar to my Spacetrooper Pack. Lightweight and durable.


Below is a quick look at the 3D file. We still have some work to do on it.



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