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ANH TK Spacetrooper Pack Build

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Currently working on the Spacetrooper Pack. Below are some pictures of the 3D model, almost complete. Next step will be to build the first prototype and figure out the different levels. We will have 1 option where you can pull out the clear canister. Will post the reference pictures and details, once the build starts (which will be soon). Just need to find someone who can print in 3D for me.















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I used pictures from primarily 2 sources. The first source of course, was the movie "A New Hope". 2 of the ANH TK's wearing the Spacetrooper gear can be seen in the movie on the Deathstar watching the Millinneum Falcon as it was entering the Deathstar, via tractor beam. The second source is from the Sideshow Action Figure so I could get more detail. See below:

Reference Photo 1: From this picture it looks as if the tubing goes into the side of the helmet. You can also clearly see there are 2 vertical tubes and 1 horizontal tube.


Reference Photo 2: You can see 2 white thrusters on the pack and another view of the black tubing coming into the helmet.


Reference Photo 3: Another shot on the Deathstar.


Reference Photo 4: 2 different Hakurai figures. One with breathing tube coming in to front under helmet and one breathing tube coming into the side of the helmet. I am currently undecided on which one is more accurate. From the movie pictures I can see both of these being correct.


Reference Photo 5: Sideshow Action Figure. This photo shows multiple angles with greater detail, including the clear cylinder that comes out of the pack. Breathing but appears to be in front under the helmet.


Additional Reference Photos: Provided by Paul (aka Daetrin).





So, our 3D prototype was based on all of these references, with of course, the sideshow action figure being the main reference, due to the detail. We do plan on offering different levels for this pack once complete. By we, I am Crookknight's Imperial Trooper Packs, as a lot of work has gone into the design and details. At this point, the glass cylinder will most likely be offered as an option to upgrade the accuracy to the highest level.

Below are a couple of the 3D prototype pictures. The 1st 3D model is currently being fabricated and I will post pictures of it once completed. These pictures will be raw pictures before any cleanup etc....In this build thread, I will show the process of how to go from the raw 3D model to the finished product.





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I have started the build process. Unfortunately, I only ordered 1 of the vertical cylinders and 1 of the thrusters. The 2nd of each should be in.

Here are the raw parts. As I progress, I will label the parts, as this pack will be sold complete and as a Kit.




Below is the back plate. As you can see, it will fit into the back plate of the TK. I am adding Super Strong Rare Earth Magnets that will allow a strong connection without straps.


I worked on some of the parts, sanding them down and preparing for paint.


I tried out a couple of different grays and ended up with this Satin Dark Gray for the Verical Cylinders.


Horizontal Cylinder (which I will call the Power Supply), was painted with Semi-Gloss White.


Also painted the front of the backplate (Mounting Plate) semi-gloss white.


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Finished painting and preparing all of the pieces. Do not know how I feel about the 2 gray cylinders. Thinking silver might look better. Not sure yet. But I think gray is more accurate.

I will be assembling tonight and will post pictures once tubing and everything is installed.




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