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Elite Novatrooper Build Thread


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After a lot of thinking and debate, I have decided to build the Elite Novatrooper. I like the look of it and since I am a pack builder, I like the pack.


I have ordered the armor from Walt's Trooper Factory and should have it in a couple of weeks.


As for the accessories, I am going to start ordering those.


If anyone knows where to get the specific gold paint from and if anyone makes the gold pauldron, please let me know.


Looking forward to this build.

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Got my kit in today from Walt's Trooper Factory. Laid the pieces out and made sure I had everything from him. As usual, his stuff looks great.


Going to get started. Might be a little slow to build at first, since I have 12 packs on my list to complete at the same time.


Please let me know if you see me doing anything wrong or know of a better way.


Forgot how many pieces I have to trim. Still have to purchase the soft goods. I already have the black pauldron (will have to paint gold) and of course I will build the pack myself.



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I just realized that i have never had to build a helmet before. Does anyone have or know of a good thread and can check out to make sure I do this right? My armor is WTF, but it does not matter to me what thread I look at. Just need to look at the overall process. Thanks.

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