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DT shoulder mounted MP 40 ammo pouch

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Hey all, Magnoli clothiers in New Zealand is considering doing an accurate ammo pouch (WWII MP 40) for the shoulder mounted pouch . They do great work! Contact them and let them know if your interested. Also It is unclear to me how that pouch is attached. It doesn't seem to be attached to the to triangle "D" ring (as would seem logical) but is attached to the ammo belt webbing just below the "D" ring??? https://www.magnoliclothiers.com/

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I have been studying the really good Death Trooper photos in the "Star Wars Rogue One visual guide" and have come to several conclusions about the "IM 40 3 slot ammo pouch" (which is a copy of a WWII German MP 40 ammo pouch)

1. I had thought that the pouch was attached to shoulder triangular "D" ring, but this is clearly NOT the case as the photo on page 29 show a side view of this. It seems to be attached to a loop which is attached to the ammo belt harness, just below the triangle ring. If the attachment flap went through the ring it would not allow the pouch to hang vertically in line with the ammo harness chest webbing.

2. The pouch has a leather (?) flap on the back which I believe is behind the first pouch toward the mid-line of the Trooper. This would account for some Troopers with the flap mounted vertically and have the first pouch directly above the ammo harness webbing. This would also allow the ammo pouch the hang at a 45 degree angle. Five of the eight Troopers in the book that have the ammo pouch are at an angle.

3. The top of the magazine is visible from the side, the pouch does not go the top of the magazine.

4. The back plate of the pouch does not go to the top of the magazines inside. It is about halfway between the top of the pouch and top of the magazine.

5. The flap covering the top of the ammo magazines goes just over the top of the pouch in the front.


Let me know what you think! Maybe somebody has the "inside scoop" on how the ammo pouch is attached???


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I'm helping out Daren with his build (I'm his son and fellow CCG member) :) Here's a pretty high res image of the pic in question. It looks like there may be a another loop attach to the harness that the loop on the back of the ammo pouch? It's a little fuzzy but there's something loop looking there possibly! Apologies for people with slow internet! :)



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Hey all, Looking carefully at this picture you can see the flap on the backside of the pouch. I believe that is attached at a 45 degree angle just like the WW II MP 40 ammo pouches (however all the WW II ones I have see have 2 flaps , I think the movie only had one). I initially thought that the Movie ammo pouch was attached directly to triangle "D" ring, but this and other photos clearly show that this is not the case. As can be seen the flap on the back goes through another loop. If you look closely you can see the abdominal ammo pouches webbing strap coming out of the triangle ring and passing through the second loop. The second loop is right next to the triangle ring but not attached to it, it is attached to the webbing that comes out of the ring. Other details shown are: the top of the ammo magazine is visible from the side - the pouch does not go all the way to top, however the back-plate does go all the way up; whats not clear is that the flap covering the magazine just barely covers the magazine inside - it doesn't extend far past; looking at the webbing strap going up from the abdominal ammo pouch you can see that the shoulder pouch is at an angle - it is not mounted vertically. When Krennic and his six Death Troopers were walking towards Galen's home on Lah'mu 3 of the Troopers had the Shoulder pouch. TWO of the 3 had the pouch mounted at a 45 degree angle. I think this is an important detail that has been overlooked. I feel the the location of the shoulder pouch sown in the CRL is inaccurate. I have seen no photos anywhere that it's mounted that far to the outside. They are at a 45 degree angle or when shown vertically mounted, they cover the left side abdominal webbing harness strap. (If the loop on the back of the pouch is at an angle - this would tend to make the pouch hang at an angle also.)

Anyway I hope this is some helpful information. Cheers!

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I have annotated the above image with what I think you are suggesting and it seems to fit. The shoulder buckle and line of the shoulder strap plus the webbing are approximated based on the visible location of the buckle (marked in red). This image is quite nice as it shows both the vertical and 45 degree pouch.


I initially agreed with you that the top fixing point on the ammo pouch is behind the left hand slot (as you look at it) but having had a better look at the visual reference guide I now believe that it is central to the backplate.


This is what I see in the visual reference guide:




Blue indicates the line of the chest rig strap;

Red is the belt loop on the back of the ammo pouch;

Green is the fixing loop on the chest rig strap/Shoulder Buckle (it does have the chest rig strap passing through it);

Purple is the open face buckle on the chest rig strap;

Pink circles a possible fixing point.


Having a fixing point there would make sense as that would allow the pouch to be vertical when connected but to rotate if not!


Out of interest has anyone noticed the colour variations on the block that is in the pouch in the visual reference guide? It seems to be laminated like plywood. :)


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