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Gewn's Death Trooper

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Hey there, this seems like a popular move, but I just finished my Kylo and decided to move onto making a Death Trooper. I'm fortunate enough to be roughly 6'4" so this seemed like a logical choice, and after going to a local garrison meet up and having everyone say, "dang, you're tall! You should make a death trooper!" It pretty much settled it for me.


This is what I've got so far.

Helmet - Anovos

Gloves - Endors Finders

Boots - Dr. Martens talib.

Pauldron - trooper bay

Armor - Armory Shop

E-11D - Roman Bela

SE-14R - Roman Bela

Speed strap - Kerry Rowntree

Under suit - Armory Shop

Belt - Forrest Elge

Buckle - Phoenix Props


Anyway, happy to be here and I'm looking forward to share actual progress when my armor arrives. Thanks for any and all advice!

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Check with Denise at Armory Shop on the undersuit. He might be able to fix you up since he already has your measurements. He's finishing my Death Trooper armor as we speak.

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Welcome Ross


I see a lot of your build are matching mine (Armour, gloves)

As far as undersuit you may want to look up sister margerets gasket emporium. They are on FB. Denis pointed me towards them but did say they are a bit slow.


Blasters : Check out Roman Belas 3D prints. He has posted on the For sale boards here and on etsy - ImragethShop

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Hi Nick! Thanks for the welcome!


I reached out to Sister Margaret's about a week ago but haven't heard anything back from them. Have you had much contact with them?


I actually just ordered Roman's blasters last night! I need to update my build notes!


Once the blasters get here and I start painting them I'll be sure to share progress photos!

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Sort of, I'm still waiting on my armor from Denis at the Armory shop and started assembling my blasters. However, I've had to pump the brakes on any other purchases because my wife and I are currently buying a house. Turns out, that is not cheap! Haha

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Aaaahhh. ...the house or armor decision! Painful ain't it? You can't live in your armor though.....or can you? Hmmm ......



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Holy heck! Long time off this project but I have updates. I closed on my house and moved in at the end of May. At the end of June my armor and under suit showed up from Denis at Armory shop. The right shoulder bell was totally smashed, however Denis is sending a replacement and I'm having the under suit re-tailored. I think the under suit is a possible combination of I'm not a tailor by trade as well as tricky measurements.


Now, my questions for DT's with 3D printed armor is this. What type of glue does everyone use for repairs to cracks/intentional cuts? Has anyone used the smooth on self leveling epoxy for their armor? Any tips, suggestions or warnings welcomed.

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You can still use an abs glue on a 3D print. The best thing would be to test it on your smashed shoulder to see how it reacts. As for smooth on, I've used it over PVC and it works, but that's so I can then work out hardening it. With a 3d print I would sand and fill.

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Hey Gewn. Bad luck on the smashed shoulder piece. My kit from Denis arrived damaged also. One of the thighs got broken. A minor fix. I used superglue to close it up. Then I cut and shaped a piece of plasticard and glued it across the break from behind. I then had to do this again when one of the shoulder pieces on the chest broke off. I have since covered repairs with fibrglass resin and fibreglass matting.

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