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First build

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I have recently begun my journey to get into the 501st.


I have gotten closer to finalizing my choice of scout kit, I am leaning toward going with SC for a full kit. My head is about 22.5" so I think I won't have an issue with it being a bit smaller and I won't have to worry about color matching that I might if I get a different helmet. I was set to go with a TB, but the more I see the black armor, the more I like it.


My big question is: The shadow scout is not currently canon, right? I have looked through the events on my local garrison forum and they don't list any restrictions, but since I am not 501st (yet!) I cannot view the discussion to see if there are any exclusions in the discussion threads for the events. From what I have gathered, I doubt I will have issue with garrison events, but are any of the bigger events (e.g. celebration) restricted? I am sorry if this is an odd question, but I am still trying to get a handle on the flow of things in the 501st. There are some very strict requirements and some where is quite a bit of latitude, at least from my outside perspective, and I want to make I set myself up for success from the outset.


I guess all of that blabbering comes down to: Is the shadow scout canon? and if not, is the it still a good first build (e.g. how restrictive will that be until I get another build up and running)?


I got good news in a reply I asked a similar question over at BSN about restriction on TK vs. TB (thanks Retrofire!), but I just want to make sure that going with the darker scout won't limit my participation in events. Because if it won't, I am going that route because I think it looks great and there seem to be very few Spec Ops in my garrison. Plus in talking to Jeff I think can get it pretty fast so I can get building sooner! I have a lot more free time these days... so I plan on doing some serious trooping once I get my gear up and running.


Thanks for any input!

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Hi Larry, welcome. The shadow scout is canon, just not movie Canon. As far as events, I wouldn't even worry about. 99% of troops for any garrison do not have movie Canon restrictions. Even the garrison that hVe more of these types of events like so cal or Florida, still the vast majority of troops are open to any 501st approved costume. We have 2 or 3 troops a year with a any kind of restriction. Thats among 100's of troops. The shadow scout is an awesome costume and I wouldn't hesitate to do it.

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Build what is in your heart. You will always regret not doing it. There are very few events that you can not do, but those are specific LFL events that usually only ask for TK's.


Go shadow!!


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Great, just what I wanted to hear! Thanks guys.


I went ahead and pulled the trigger on an SC Shadow Scout kit, I was close to doing it anyway, so I didn't need much of a push:) I'm going to get rolling on the soft bits and hopefully have a decent start on them by the time this thing arrives.

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Awesome! Stop over and start a Work in progress (WIP) thread with the shadow scouts. There are a couple of us that are working through our builds there and we would love to have another join us.



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In Florida, we do a ton of events (I live between Orlando and Tampa and we are stacked all year). I've never been turned down for an event. There are rare instances where requests are limited to TKs, Vader, Boba, etc. but those are few and far between (weddings, super special LFL events/promos) and some instances where they want just movie canon...again...those don't pop up very often.


Steve...please elaborate on Shadow Scouts as canon :yes: I know we aren't movie canon...we currently fall under the "Legends" category (aka pre-Disney) correct? I scour every Disney produced comic hoping we pop up (I think we made it on a cover lol...Darth Vader issue #3...yes I have this memorized :laugh1: )

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Hi Larry, welcome to spec ops and the darkest of the dark side first of all.


As already said before, even if the shadow ist not movie canon its canon.

Feel free to do what you like and feel good with :). By my experience, shadows are always warm welcome by fans and the 501st crowd. They adore the different look of regular scouts and tk's and tend to call us all Vader ;)


Keep us posted with your progress and costume building when you are finally starting.


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Steve...please elaborate on Shadow Scouts as canon :yes: I know we aren't movie canon...we currently fall under the "Legends" category (aka pre-Disney) correct? I scour every Disney produced comic hoping we pop up (I think we made it on a cover lol...Darth Vader issue #3...yes I have this memorized :laugh1: )


...at least the shadow scout helmet made it to a "5 sec. movie star" in rogue one ;)

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Depends on your definition of canon, but legends is still acknowledge as a part of star wars if not in the main story as it exists now. In the end, it doesn't really matter and it won't be an issue in 99.9% of troops.


Just curious lol. For troops..tis true. Rarely an issue if ever. Go for it Larry!!!

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Alright, I am pretty much all in now.


I have ordered:

SC hard armor and helmet

RedKap coveralls & microfiber suede (for now to trial run the patches, also looking to get real suede for specialist cert once I get it right)

Wampawear gloves

Vinyl for boots


and lots of tools and other materials for this build and future plans:)


I'm going to look for boots and material for the vest, bund, cod and pouches in person.


I'm currently deciding on a holdout blaster (leaning toward polymer armory, but open to suggestions... I keep seeing more and more places producing them) and gathering pieces for DLT-19 scratch build to arm my scout.


I'm heading out of town this weekend for what is probably the last hurrah for my soon-to-be-former hobby, but after I get back I am going to get rolling on learning how to sew so I'll be ready to put together my soft armor when the hard kit arrives. I never thought I'd excited about learning how to sew, but I guess I never had the right motivation before!


Once I get some actual work going I'll start up a WIP thread to track my progress and get feedback.

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Sounds like a great start. I love the SC armor and Jeff has always provided great customer service. I'm building my own helmet and it has been an education but really satisfying. There is a vest tutorial over in the Scout forum that might help and I'll try to hunt down the pattern for the riding patches. When you're ready a good source for the suede is Tandy Leather that's what I used on my flight suit and it's good stuff. For your hold out blaster check out TD Eightninesixsix on FB he has a nice blaster at a good price. Hyperfirm also makes a nice blaster and there are also 3D models floating around and if you have a printer you can possibly make your own. Hope some of this helps and look forward to seeing your WIP thread. Keep posting and let us know if we can be of help.



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Sounds like a good start. Keep us posted on your build and let us see some pic's.


If you have any questions or issues, just let us know. :)


I'm looking forward having a new future dark scout brother ;)

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It's pretty amazing how costuming gets you doing things you would never have done before. I've learned a lot of new skills through this hobby. It definitely got me sewing more too, especially for some of my non-star wars costumes....I know, blasphemy.

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