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imperial storm commando variant

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hey guys n gals


recently I found an interesting pic with all the different trooper variants




...it took me a second glance to see this




so I decided to give it a try




what ya guys thinking?!

I didnt find any other reference on this look, so I wonder if this is worth an update. At least I find it looks definetly bad ass <3

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You are reading my mind! I really liked the pouches and grenades on the DT and I was thinking of doing something like that on my shadow for special occasions. I notice your wearing a ribbed neckseal too which I also like.

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So are you two wearing a neck seal or a balaclava? I ask as for my Biker Scout I wear a balaclava and my flight suit closes at my neck. It can feel a little confining sometimes and I wonder if a neck seal would be a little more comfortable for my shadow. Thanks!

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I wonder if the pouches and the pauldron are worth a crl update as optional accessories?! ...I have to talk to the crl-team about that.


I wear a separate neckseal over the flightsuit and under the flak vest. Its additional to the baklava which I also wear.

Since I made the flightsuit by myselfe I constructed the pattern around the neck and for the collar very slim and thight, so I can wear that too.

But for specialist its not allowed (normaly)

The flightsuit for my guy, who has a regular biker, is not constructed so thight at the collar, so he can't wear the neck seal.

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I think a lot of this will come down to where the artwork originates from, and if there are any other supporting references for it.


The criteria is usually as follows.


3 independent references that show the same item in place, or a 360° walk around reference of the same thing.




Personally, I'm never a fan of just whacking a pauldron on a costume. Great on TK's, but they tend to look a bit daft on anything else in my opinion.

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Has there been any movement on this? Also, I'm in the process of putting together a Shadow Scout and was wondering why the CRL is under “Shadow Scout†as opposed to “Storm Commando.†Is there a reason for this? After some research it looks like “Shadow Scout†was simply a nickname for the Commandos. Any ideas?


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