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Rubber straps for wrist

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This is something I am looking for as well. Was considering using rubber tarp straps.db04d3f1957a4b6073cfb0c169732cf2.jpg



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Holy darth Vader. I would have never thought of that. Amazing idea.



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As you said the grenades look to be retained by elastic straps that form a t-shape. A horizontal strap that passes around the middle of the grenade with a vertical strap sewn onto it centre front which then passes under the grenade.


The webbing straps for the ammo belt wrap around the D-Rings and are then thread back through the sliding adjusters on the straps themselves. This will allow them to be securely held in place and provide a means for adjusting the height of the belt itself. In fact, looking at them again there is a locking mechanism on the back of those adjusters. You can see it on the left strap (the trooper's right) in the picture with the ST doll.

Also in that picture you can make out the clipping mechanism for the strap that passes around his back (under his left arm). It reminds me of a clipping mechanism I have seen on scuba equipment to secure the air tank onto a bad or stab jacket. Something like this:



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This is a post from one of the other threads for Death Trooper optional extras/variants.

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I have also seen some makers 3D print these straps as well. Could be an alternative option?

3d printing is certainly an option but cost wise would certainly be more than modifying the lesser expensive options above.



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Hey guys. So. I found a grey inexpensive solution. I got some exercise bands that were the exact width. Cut them and painted them and attached them. And it's perfect. Just sharing with you guys8b9429851c275765a78f9e325dc17a5d.jpg37b1dd350b0e0fc2d2a2b4f658bf4580.jpg1c8111a5f480ff0a16d655dfc626a8eb.jpg



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