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Greeblies and weapons.

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Specially I'm looking for the right details for the helmet and screws that go attached to the sides of the helmet.


For the blaster check out TD-Eightninesixsix for the blaster. You can PM him via FB. There are a couple of vendors for the DLT that I know of are diamond state props and Hyperfirm weaponry. The scout helmet uses bolts by 3M. The vendor for those is KW Designs you can reach him at kwdesigns2@verizon.net. You may find 3M bolts on amazon or elsewhere but don't buy them as the newer ones don't work or look the same. Hope that helps!

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The proper bolts which are keeping the visor up by it selfe are from 3M ...I'll look up the link for that and will pass it up to you imediately.

Chefs bolts are a little bit too week so you always have to hold the visor up by hand.

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Have you seen TD-EIGHTNINESIXSIX'S blaster? Are they any good? I'm looking for a nice and good looking blaster.


Yes, I have one and you won't be disappointed. Another excellent option for a blaster is DVH Props. You can find him via The Pathfinder forum. His blaster is my go to but his runs are limited. As far as the helmet bolts head over to KW Designs (Imperial Surplus) and pm for the details. The ones on Amazon are $42 and you can't always be sure they are the exact bolts.

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