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Shadowtrooper parts and where to find them.

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Hello! I'm new here (obviously) and i wanted to know where I could buy Shadowtrooper parts that would be up to 501st standard but very cheap (I have a very low credit flow). Or how to make those parts. Any help? The only thing i already know is the helmet if the black series shadowtrooper helmet is acceptable.

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Not sure if you could use the Black Series Helmet without modifications to it. Since it has indented tube stripes and teardrops as well as incorrect mic tips. oh an incorrect S trim. but that can also be replaced. All said end done, youd prob be better off buying the bucket along with your armor so the colors match and cast off the same ABS/PVC.

The one in my Avatar is a Black Series and i just use it for kicking around and display but dont use it otherwise.



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As I believe the Black Series is based on Rogue One, so would need need an R1 set of armour, which I'm not sure how you'd go about.


On the approved list is a guy/company called ATA that do a set of armour for $550 including helmet. There brow and S trim is also included. My Shadow Stormtrooper suit is ATA and it's a great kit. I think that is the cheapest I have seen a new suit for.



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