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Painting a Anovos Stormtropper

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Hello all,

I wanted to see what you would recommend if I wanted to paint my white anovos ABS stormtrooper armor black. I was able to get my hand on a white kit, but really want to make a shadow trooper.

Has anyone ever done this before? If so would love to here your experences. I still want to keep it shiny.



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Havnt done it myself but paint adhesion is going to be key as when / if you scratch the paint, you'll see the base white color. Youll prob want to scuff up the entire suit with a scotch-bright pad, extra fine, then clean the armor with a safe PVC PrepAll surface cleaner, then would recommend Automotive Primer and Auto Paint. Only way that youll get a good shine. Other paints will Chalk over time, except for Auto paint.


If you want to go the extra mile, get a quote for a paint job at your local auto shop;. Some gents with DeathTroopers went that route for a super shine.


Anyone else have any pointers? but hope that helps



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I would also consider the price of a new suit when getting quotes from a paint shop, I wouldn't be surprised if the cost of a professional paint job went into hundreds of pounds



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I agree that is a good choice, I have a few sets of armor that are painted and it is a pain to keep up. I definitely advise anyone to keep painted armor as a last resort option. :thumbsup:

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