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JohnnyCab's DT Build Thread

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I was waiting until I received my big brown box to start a build thread, and the day has finally arrived!


I ordered a set of 3D printed armor from Denis at ArmoryShop, and it got here today. I haven't been able to open the box fully, because I'm still at work right now. I plan on taking a full inventory and posting a bunch of pics later.


As far as the other pieces, I have a set of Dr. Martens Talibs, because I wasn't able to score the Jereds yet.


The gloves are White Eagle work gloves that I will be dying black and adding the appropriate stitching on the palm.


I haven't ordered an undersuit yet, but I'll be getting either Jimmiroquai's or Denis' depending on how his prototype turns out.


I was able to 3D print the NSM monitor for the helmet, and I plan on 3D printing my E-11D and SE-14.


More to come, soon!d989c13c2a3806c27351394772b13b02.jpg

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mk3 helmet coming soon and armor in August. Denis has hyperactive customer service. Very happy thus far. I'll be watching this thread...good luck!...popcorn...



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