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Weaponry and Lenses

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I have almost everything done on my Armor Im just missing some parts like the cummerbund. Im here to ask is there a fixed list of weapons that the shadows scouts can use? I want the Hold Out Scout Blaster of course but I wanted a sniper since Im in the Spec Ops Detachment. I searched for Star Wars Sniper Blasters but I cant be sure wich ones are approved for the use. Asking if you can give me a list of the best ones and you guys know the best props with Best Price :P with preference in Europe.

My choosen one at the moment is a modified DLT-21 Sniper:


Cant figure out the model of this one:


Also looking for Silver Lenses to swap on my helmet searched on the Aprooved vendors but the product is no longer available. Also looking for stores with preference in Europe. I went on Amazon and Ebay but i dont know if the shape / color is aproved.


Thanks Much

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The difference between the DLT-19 and the DLT-21 is the scope i dont know how can that be a problem also the new rule about being optional shows that even using other blasters wouldnt cause harm but I can be wrong

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While optional, the listed weapons are approvable with the costume. Optional doesn't mean any weapon is allowed with any costume. At the end of the day, it's up to the event coordinator if a non approved weapons is allowed at an event. They, by default expect you to bring your approved costumr. If you want to bring something unapproved, even a weapon, you should ask them beforehand if it's alright for the specific event.

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