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I am Rick F, from Dune Sea Garrison, and I am a TK , clean white. I am in the process of making a TX- Shadow Stormtrooper, If anyone can help me out , I am in search of some TX boots. size 12. I want to add some links to know if they are 501st approved.





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HMs are approvable, however they are not as high at the ankles as the imperial boots so shin/calf amour slides up, and the Doc Martens have the sole gaps exposed. If you have TK boots and aren't going to use the TK any longer you can always paint them.

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ive done imperial boots and are very nice and comfortable. looks like their shop re-opens in July if you can wait.

They run a size tight so go up one half size http://www.imperialboots.com/product/black-stormtrooper-tk-boots/


I can attest to that. I have a size 10 and should have went with an 11. Nice boots though.



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