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Canadian Shadow Scouts

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Hy i'Martin from Québec Canada I built my costume and it's my first attempt and review from other members

I hand made my guns witch was a experience it self I use real wood for the butt paint and vernis and the rest is aluminum fibreglass pvc pipes car fillers as for the gun I modified a pellet gun









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Hi Martin, welcome to spec ops. You made a pretty awesome build. your scout looks very good and I love your blaster.

Just some litte advices from my side:

1. your back mud flap seems a little too long.

2. are the greebliea on your DT still missing?!

3. try to move the sleeves of you sholuder bells a little bot more down so the hem can be seen.

You should definetly give it a try for specialist.

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What is the greebliea

Ok for the sleeves

I thought the flaps where to short funny

Last question specialist?? First ear that what they do



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Ok i found the greebliea on the white scout it's missing one the black scout 501 library they should fix that there's more info on the white compare of the black



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The greeblies on the TD for the shadow scout are mentioned in the crl's , eventhrough they are only level 2 requirement for the shadow:


The correct thermal detonator greeblies are attached to the box, the rectangular part of the TD greeblie is the same as used in the rebel endor troopers rank badge, which is fixed on the left side of the TD, on the right the same round greeblie as what is used on the scouts tank topper. See the detonator detail page for a close up image of the greeblies.


"Specialist" is level 2 standard. Which you can achive here in the detachment. It's a level where your costume requires more accuracy to the original. It's not a "must" but nice to achieve. There are currently only 10 shadow scouts in the 501st, who achieved this level. You might be the 1st in the canadian garrison ;)

Your costume is awesome. I can recommemd you to go for specialist :)

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Congrats to your approval.


First of all, your costume hast to fullfil all level 2 requirements mentioned in the CRL's


Have a glance here:



Have a look at previous applications so you will kopw what we are asking for.

If so, you are welcome to open a thread requesting specialist status.



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