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Future flametrooper

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I have begun this laborious project of one of the costumes that I liked more of the episode VII; The flametrooper. Taking advantage of having a couple of 3d printers and some drawing knowledge by my profession, I have started to design and print the most difficult pieces of this suit.

First, the flametrower:







And already printed:




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And starting with the armor:







I go a little slow, due to lack of time, but I hope to have it all for this year. I will be posting photos of the progress as I have them.

I hope you like it. :sweat:




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1 hour ago, Scubacat said:

Your elbow pieces look pretty good. How do they look with the arms on as well? 

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they look very good As soon as I finish the assembly completely, I will post pictures ?

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3 hours ago, Scubacat said:

Looking great so far! How are your tanks attached to your back plate? 

I designed a 3D piece in the shape of an "l" to fix it to the hole in the back and to hook it in the upper "table" of the frame


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