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TX Anovos Build

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Hey guys,

I'm building an Anovos TX and I've been working on downsizing the armor (since I'm 5'1) and adding shins since I'm a bit on the heavy side.

I had a garrison member tell me not to cut at the cut lines to give me more plastic to play with (awesome idea!). But now I'm at my calves and I'm unsure how to trim this with the uneven cut lines.

I had my husband outline the overlap of the armor on my calves (red line). Do I just even out the extra armor past the cut lines (Orange lines) and half that overlap all the way up or is there another way? 64fd08d0ffff37eadc2a66b3f011bba9.jpg


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Hi Audie, Personally i would even out the cut lines on either side so that when placed together you have a even match. Youll also have the Upper and lower edges line up vs if you cut on that Red line, you have the chance that the 2 halfs will not meet up nicely.

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