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Crazyjediman24 WTF Build (WIP)

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Let this be my enduring work in progress thread!


The update, as of today, is that I ordered armor from our good friend Walter a couple of weeks ago, and I've ordered a bunch of tools since.


Tools: Acquired, with the exception of E-6000,

Soft Materials: need nylon strapping, some of the Velcro

Parts: need snaps, screws, rivets, TD clips and screws, decals

Armor: pending (ordered 5/13)

Undersuit: Need

Blaster: Have (Praetorian)

Neckseal: Need

Gloves: Need

Holster: Need

Boots: Need

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OK, magnets (50) arrived today, and I might honestly have made a mistake ordering the N52 strength. They are immensely hard to break apart!


I guess they'll be really good when it comes time to glue things, but they nearly took a finger when they zipped back together.

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