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My First Build - Shadowtrooper (Expert Assistance Requested)

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Hello Spec Ops Troopers!


After a lifelong dream of building my very own Stormtrooper costume, I attended my first armor party this past Sunday and was convinced to build a Shadowtrooper instead. With this being my first build, I am in serious need of help. Last night I met with a Shadowtrooper in the Tampa Bay Area and he was a huge help giving me everything I need to get started in terms of tools and supplies. However, the big question is what armor am I going to buy. He has Anovos, but I'm not sure I want to go with them. Aside from the fact the kit is currently unavailable. I checked ATA and it's a 9 month waiting period. I have seen some WTF pics and the armor looks a bit more matte than glossy, not what I'm looking for.


These things I do know i want:


1) Very very glossy armor (not sure if some just come this way or if you can do something to make it that way)

2) Super silver lenses

3) Super silver frown to match the lenses


I want this stuff to pop!!


Not sure these are major factors, but I'm about 5'11" 185-190lbs with a muscular build.


Any expert assistance you guys could give would be much appreciated!


Thanks everyone,


Michael from Clearwater

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Welcome to spec ops! Glad to have you here. Your color combo sounds good. For gloss you can go two ways - buy a pull in very high gloss or when you paint the armor take it to a body shop. In either scenario you'll need to polish before troops to get that super shine. I do agree, though, it looks awesome!

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Welcome glad to see you on board! Just as an fyi you will have to take the steps for polishing. Granted the armor is shiny and as far as I know no one pulls in super super high gloss.

Steve suggested getting it custom painted at a body shop for a higher gloss look, which is what one member did here at TBS with his Tie pilot..

As far as armor waits that is something you have to get used to as it takes time for the vendors to fill orders and pull the kits.

So being patient is also part of the process.

So while you are waiting I would suggest take the time to look at other peoples shadow storm trooper builds in the forum, gather tools and materials, shop for your boots, gloves, neck seal, under armor and bin.

Basically do research so you are prepared when you get your armor.


Let us know if you have other questions.

I am happy you have joined the best detachment in the world and look forward to seeing your build. :D

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