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Sullust Trooper or also know as "magma Trooper"

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Hi guys,


I have been making a Sullust Trooper from Star Wars Battlefront, i have been working on it for almost a year and waiting for parts. It is 99.9% complete just need to get a DLT-19, pauldron and new shoulder straps.

I was wondering if you guys would be able to get it on the CRL as i got told by someone from FISD (who made the pack) that it would be part of the Spec ops my costume that is.


Here are some pictures and also i do not have my neck seal in these pictures as i forgot and it was a test fit for the pack. :)


A lot of people call this trooper a "Magma" but that is the red armour, i prefer it when people refer it as "Sullust" as that is what i intended to make.





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Very cool. I love the breather. As far as name...the game does specifically list it as a Magma Trooper (which threw me off as well when I first started playing cuz I'm used to the red version being named that as well)...but Magma is what the game designers labeled it so I dunno.

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FYI that actually this will be either on FISD or, perhaps, MEPD.


FISD covers core TK white armor, whether painted or not, with accessories. This variant is just like the HWT. SpecOps owns all the other TK variants.


Yes, FISD is behind on getting this sorted - both myself & the XO have had some Darth Life issues but we do want to sort it out soon.


Why did I mention MEPD? Check out the open conversation on FISD here: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/42077-rogue-1-tks-mepd-and-the-hwt/


It's quite possible that the HWT may move - from the original game to the current one - over to MEPD.


Hope that helps :)

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