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Doc Marten Jered's

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In need of US Size 11.5, 12, 12.5, or 13 of Doc Marten Jered's, if anyone has a pair that they can't fit into or have a line on a pair. I am not having much luck in my searching.

In other news, Jim's kit is on the way and I just got Roman's blasters :thumbsup:

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Hey there. The jered shoe has been out of circulation for a couple of years and from my research near impossible to find. Your best bet is Imperial Boots killer model but if you want to stick to Dr Martens the n your next best bet is to get the Dr Marten Talib or if you can find the Mayer. Good luck with your hunting!

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Be careful of ordering any Jared boots off the internet. I have tried at two different web sites and what they did was send me some other shoe type. I ended up going with Imperial Boots Killer Boots and they look awesome and are comfortable. From a costume perspective you can't tell they aren't Jareds.

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