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Newbie Needs some help.

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Hello everyone!


I'm brand new to the 501st and want to start putting together a Death Trooper suit to get approved and join the Spec Ops Detachment, but I have no idea really where to get started. Are there DIY kits that anyone sells on here to make? I've looked through a lot of this thread and see some builds that were/are being done from scratch, but I don't have the resources to do anything completely from scratch. Any and all help is appreciated, and I look forward to starting my journey to recruitment!

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Hi there and welcome! There are a few makers of kits. Some are more DIY than others, but either way it's going to take some work and a fair amount of money to get it all together.



850 Armour

Jim Tripon

KB Props


Are some places you can start. Each one has a different process and you will need to research thoroughly before committing to the build.


You will also find a wealth of information in the CRL and Death Trooper research threads here.


Plus ask questions!

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There is also a good forum on Facebook called Death Trooper Builders. Its also a good place to ask questions.


I make a lot of the accessory for the Death Trooper including helmets, weapons, grenades, and buckles. If I can help just ask me.



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Thanks everyone for the replies! I did come across the Death Trooper Builds FB Group and got in there, lots of good stuff to find in the group, and I'll do my research on those sellers, thanks for the points in the right direction everyone!

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