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Discussion: Seatrooper Shins

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Hi Guys,


I figured I'd start a new thread outside of my main build thread to address the issue of the shins. I really need other people thoughts on this issue as I've been drawing a blank on them almost as long as I've been working on the project.




As there really is only one reference that shows the shins in detail, it is tough to actually nail it out. The overall shape is different between the two legs, not sure if this is due to perspective or just a general star wars trait. The left leg appears tapered while the right appears cylindrical.


I did attempt to rough sculpt the shins as shown here; BothShinsRoughSculpt2.jpg BothShinsRoughSculpt.jpg


However, I don't feel that these look right. I have them finished and the plaster moulds sitting in the box, they just look way too bulky and out of sync with the rest of the costume. The other problem is that the is no physical way to put them on if I leave them seamless.


A potential solution came to me though when I saw my mate's Shoretrooper. The legs look like general TK shins, but with the skinning and camlocks over the top.


A88Q2329_zpskyob7sa3.jpg A88Q2335_zpszw5qjpta.jpg A88Q2343_zpsuil5j0r7.jpg


So, my question I guess is; How do people feel about taking a similar approach with the Seatrooper shins? Obviously there would need to be bigger parts overlying the TK Shins than what is on the Shoretrooper, but the principle would be the same. Does anyone else have other suggestions for how I can achieve the look for the shins?


Hopefully we can get some sorely needed input, this is one of the big fabrication issues that has been putting me off working on the costume as I haven't been able to work out a solution myself.

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To me, in the back, you'd have an overlapping setup, with one side running over the other, which should allow you to essentially clamshell them on. So, the bars across would sit on top of the under solid piece which is more like just a standard plastic tube.


The lower pieces look like they would overlap, so they could also clamshell on.


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I think I get what you're talking about. My concern is that the side profile from the right had trooper in the reference pic doesn't seem to match that (though I can see how it would be argued). To me it looks like the 'E' straps are extensions of the front part and not coming from beneath the front part.


I covered a TK shin in tape and sketched out my idea of one of the greaves. Essentially, this is the front trooper's right hand leg and the back trooper's left hand leg (the ones where the rear 'straps' match).


20170630_152936_zpsaernbtsz.jpg 20170630_152942_zpsr8ub1asf.jpg 20170630_153401_zpsazb5s5zm.jpg 20170630_152918_zps9szewpwm.jpg


In the images with the orange line, the scribbled on parts would be cut out, revealing the TK shin below. On the green part, the shaded area represents flexible straps (flat) that will close over the slit in the TK shins. In my head, the TK shin would go on first, then the Seatrooper detailing panel would magnet to the front and the straps magnet around the back. I think it will give the most 'seamless' look while still being wearable.


This is my previous attempt at that shin which I think is too bulky looking when compared to the rest of the costume, however, more accurate to the reference;



It was sculpted on 100mm PVC pipe.

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What you described looks like it would work as long as your TK under piece is trimmed at the top since the seatrooper's calf go straight acorss the top edge. The only issue with the green strapping is it looks to be one piece with what would be the steatrooper piece that sits on top of your TK calf base. You can follow it from the front-facing troopers right calf around to the rear-facing (farther away) troopers left calf to it's end which isn't quite viable on the front-facing troopers left calf. Your orange cut-outs suggest the cut-out portion wraps around the entire back,ending in the middle-front of the calf on both sides, but looking at the seatroopers left calf (the closer one), it would only go around one third of the way on the outside and two thirds on the inside.


I think what we are missing are the calf jets. There aren't seen very well in the farther away trooper, but they are clearly there on the closer one. I think the pieces that wrap around can logically meet in the back of the calf, right at the midpoint. That can be a seam and the jet would sit over it, essentially covering the seam. Pretty much of this custom action figure is. This wouldn't be considered a source, but it's a good representation of what we already can see in the art.



It's also easier to see in this pic, though not by much.



I would feel very comfortable back a seam at the rear of the calf that the jet covers. What do you think?

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