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Imperial Boots "Killer"

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Hello! First post here... I'm looking for anyone with experience with the Imperial Boots "Killer" boots - Do they run true to size? They only make up to a size 12 US and I wear a 13 US in most shoe styles. I'd hoped to go with these rather than the other currently-produced Dr. Marten's, as they're more true to the "Jared" style. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!!

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Agree with Tony I do. Ive actually emailed them on their portal and they suggested for me to go 1 size up on TK Classics. but for TFA TKs they were true to size. Open up a ticket with them and inquire. they respond quite fast. hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply! Looks like I'm out of luck, then. I'll have to go with the currently produced Dr Marten's. What are the options for us guys with big feet seeking a highest level approval?

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There is currently only entry level approval. There are no "higher" requirements at this stage. I imagine if there is then the Jared or very similar would be required.


Only issue is the Jared is extremely difficult to find the Talib however uses the same sole and is more or less identical all it lacks is the ribbed padding at the top back of the Jareds and said ribbed section doesn't even show up on any photos that I have seen thus far.

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The only upper part of the Jared that shows is the leather pull tab which gets exposed from the under the rear calves pieces. This tab sits 1/2 up the back seam on the Jared just under the ribbed padding and near the top of the back seam on the Tilib.

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