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Keeping shins/calves aligned

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Just finished my first trooping in Jim's kit. Had an issue with my shins/calves rotating around. (We were doing a Blast A Trooper so the jumping and dodging movement was probably more than a normal trooping)


I had put a snap on my Shadowtrooper shins which attached to my shoe tab.


Has anyone had this issue and if so what was your solution?


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Thanks for the info. I was thinking about putting a strip on the back of my Talibs. So you put a piece on the inside bottom of your calve and a piece on your boot?

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So I am tracking, sew it to the spats? Makes sense since they are laced into the boot front, plus I can get to it easier. Good idea, thanks again.

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Going to do two troopings this weekend. I am going to try two of the above suggestions. I attached Velcro to the top of my spats and a piece in the front of the shin. I also made two foot stirrups to attached to the Velcro in the shins. I'll update which worked best for me so this thread can have some closure.

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Well we strive for screen accuracy ... maybe I shouldn't be worried so much about shifting shins :6:



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Update: I went with a 2x2 Velcro loop patch sewn to the top of the boot spats and a 1.5x4 strip of Velcro hook on the inside from of the shins. Spent 4 hours in armor this past weekend and fitness app said 3.27 miles walked.


Shins stayed aligned the whole day! Now on to another armor tweak.


Thanks to everyone for your suggestion.



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