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Hello all,


I want to start off by saying I have absolutely 0 experience when it comes to costumes. This is a completely new world for me, but I am tired of sitting on the sidelines and admiring from afar...I want to be involved! I have read through the forums the past few days and am overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. I see some people are creating their own kits from scratch, but unfortunately I do not have the resources or skill to do something like that. The other alternative I see is to buy a kit and mod it yourself over time.


I see the most common options are:


1) 850 Armor Works

- It looks like this is a good starter kit and you would need to contact them directly for pricing information, etc.


2) "Jimi Kit"

- 2) I see people commonly mention this kit, but am still unclear as to who/what this is? Is this a user on the forum that one would need to contact directly to discuss purchasing?


3) ArmoryShop

- Also a viable kit I found on etsy, but was wondering if anyone has their kit and can provide some insight on fit/quality


What is involved with purchasing a kit? Sanding, painting, etc? If anyone could spare any additional information or resources on how to get started it would be greatly appreciated. This is not something I'm looking to get done any time soon as I understand this is an ongoing project. However, I would at least like to begin somewhere other than just staring at a screen all and day and wondering if certain pieces/items would work and what to even do with them?


Thanks for your time and I appreciate any and all feedback.

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Hi there and welcome to Special Ops!


Part of any build is research. I spent months researching everything I could about this costume as not only is it complicated, but also expensive!


The fun of assembling this costume outweighs the complexities and cost!


Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to researching your costume. I have found like most things to do with building a costume so far is that patience is key and that research is without a doubt going to save you money and time.


Jimi is a member here and you can reach out to all 3 of the makers you listed on Facebook


I would recommend that you hit them up and find out what they offer and their pricing. Then look up some of the builds, analyse the look of the built costumes and match them with CRL and reference materials.


There are differences between them all and some of it just comes down to personal choice, finances, time or abilities.


With some kits a lot of effort is required to get them to a finished state, others not so much.


And by finished it doesn't necessarily mean "whole costume" either.


There's Undersuit. Boots. Belts. Leather pouch and holster. Gloves etc. The list is pretty extensive!


There's also a wealth of info in the Death Trooper ROU thread, it keeps me occupied in between phases of my build :)


Good luck with your build and look forward to how you progress :)

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Jim Tripon has a build thread in this section (Jimmiroquai - Death Trooper Helmet and Armor WIP) He has all the info you would need to find out about his kit etc. He can also be found on Facebook Jim Tripon, he is a regular in the Death Troopers (Build Group),its the same thing with Denis from the Armory Shop, Facebook Denis Vorobiev.


Best of luck and welcome to the SpecOps family.

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