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DT chestplate issues.

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The DT build is being tricky. Similar to a classic TK or Shore/Tank trooper, but one major difference is the shoulder harness rig has to actually be load bearing if you plan to go for specialist designation. So I'll be bolting down/countersinking screws/covering, the faux buckles so they can suspend the grenade/ammo belt. But two questions I need answered are in the pic... can the shoulder flaps overlap, and is there a certain distance the collar tusks need to be?

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I would trim them to touch. Nice thing about Jim's armor is that it is designed so that you can trim areas to fit your body size. I would figure out how much you need to loose between the front and back and remove 50% of same amount from each piece (front/back) this will keep the seam centered over your shoulders. When you do that, you will also need to trim the shoulder straps. Be sure to fit the pieces with the under suit on. It does add some bulk to your upper torso.


Collar tusks are there for alignment and the length I would imagine doesn't matter as long as it does not extend past the front piece so that its appearance is that of an elephant. :)


As far as the shoulder and side buckles. I attached them with two screws designed for plastic from the back. predrill a starter hole the depth of the screw, fill the hole with E6K and use at least a 1/4-1/2 inch washer under the screw head. Just make sure you use a short screw and predrill, if not you run the risk of splitting. The triangular buckle piece is the weak link. I beefed up mine by taking a thin piece of sheet metal, traced the outline, cut it out, and epoxy bonded it to the underside of the triangle buckle. This will prevent the buckle for being broken if it somehow gets pushed down during transport. Good luck with the build.

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