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death trooper seller?

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Hi everyone,


i'm currently looking to buy a death trooper kit and i have to choose between 3 sellers


kb props: 850 usd (armor + helmet, shipping not included)


Jim Tripon's kit: 1340 usd (armor, helmet and undersuit, shipping included)


850 armor works: 685 usd ( armor only, shipping included)


from what i understood, kb and 850's kit are abs while jim's kit is fiberglass but other than that i don't really know the differences, which one would you recommend? or do you know another seller?



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I know a lot of people that have went with Jim's kit and are very happy with it. It has some imperfection that need to be filled in the fiberglass I have seen but overall a lot of satisfied customers. Good Luck!!

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Andrew McClary, plasticarmsdealer.com, makes them out of fiberglass which is ultra durable. He's making my amor and kit. I understand that they butt plate is so reinforced that one could sit on it. You can find him on FB.


Good luck

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I would take a look at my new offering. I was Death Trooper #18 and learned a lot from printing my own armor and trooping in it. A year ago I was embroiled in issues taking care of my son so I wasn't able to offer full suits yet but just the weapons. Learning from what I had already done, I am now making all gel coated fiberglass armor. It costs a bit more up front, but because its already black gel coated you save money on the paint and its a LOT easier to finish time wise than a 3d printed or non gel coated kit. The other HUGE advantage is its tough. My DTs are going to be able to sit down on their but plate and know its not going to crack. The gel coated finish is hard and resists scratched. Check it out on my web site plasticarmsdealer.com.

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I went the 3D printed route and can honestly say I wouldn't do it again in a hurry. It's A LOT of work to get it right and even with strengthening using fibreglass it can still crack.


I fibreglassed several areas that were very thin and weak. Butt plate, abs, shoulders, chest and thighs. I can safely sit down without issue :)


I didn't go with other kits because there are a few features that I felt didn't match the screen used ones. At the time the ArmoryShop 3D print was the closest I could source without buying a printer myself. It was a very adventurous build and was satisfying once it was “finished” but there's still work to do. Not to mention ongoing repairs and repainting from trooping.


My next build will most likely be the TLJ FOTK and will get a Jimi kit as that looks like a good one. Maybe by the time I afford to build again there might be something different.



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