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Darqueling's Death Trooper Build

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It's that time! Budgets have been made, work orders have been issued, orders have been placed, deadlines to be met!


That's right, its time for another build thread! (And reviews of each item as they come in... hopefully...)



  • Belt - Forrest Elge (**-60311) - A great 501st trooper had ordered a ton of material needed for belts for Death Troopers and posted on one of the DT Build groups on Facebook that he had extra belts he was selling. The price was great and it is true to what is required so I happily jumped on it. Also now have 2 trading cards of his, so that is pretty cool too, I like that idea of swapping your 501st cards.

  • Undersuit - ArmoryShop - Beautiful would be a mild way to put it for the undersuit from Denis. Coming in as 3 pieces, a long sleeve shirt, pants, and poncho the pieces look sharp, have build in velcro mount points for armor, and have fantastic choices of fabric. Also as a note, this thing fits like a glove, one of my largest concerns were how tight the fabric would be based on my measurements... Well for one, I did give myself some space (I measured in metric and added an extra cm or two here and there, maybe putting a finger in between the measuring tape as to be just loose enough. As for the second thing, the materials are stretchy! So even if things were a little tight, they can flex and so thats a plus. Not to mention, the materials chosen are fairly breathable, but I will still wear my UnderArmor Heat Gear under this just to help that much more.

  • Gloves - Imperial Boots - Fits just like my golf gloves, so sizing was easy enough, has velcro mounting points for the hand guard plate. Look great and feel great, pretty simple.

  • Boots - Imperial Boots - These things are pretty sturdy! I feel like I may need to break them in as the ankles are stiff, but otherwise they fit great! Not entirely sure how the cover flaps mount properly with velcro, somewhat of a size mismatch, but not horrible. Still look great! Worth the price compared to doing it myself.

  • E11-D - Maz3D (Roman Bela) - I have the box, I plan to open and start working on it soon. Roman was super quick to print and ship. I'll post more when it is built.

  • SR-14R Blaster - Maz3D (Roman Bela) - See above

  • Death Trooper Thermal Detonator (3x) - Maz3D (Roman Bela) - See above


  • Helmet - ArmoryShop - Pre-ordered the v3 helmet from Denis, kind of going blind on this one as I am only familiar with the designs of the v2. I will probably need fans for this eventually I assume, but in the mean time I am having Denis finish it for me. All the LEDs, paint, etc. should already be done.

  • Armor - ArmoryShop - Ordered a fully finished set of armor from Denis because if I am getting the helmet from him, I might as well get the armor finished the exact same way, that way paint and finish matches perfectly. I am a little nervous about the measurements I submitted, I hope I was close enough or there is enough wiggle room that I didnt have to be spot on to the centimeter, but I did the best I could so we shall see.


  • TBD

Still to Consider:

  • Helmet Fans
  • SR-14R Holster
  • Balaclava
  • Belt Kit??

If I missed anything to this list, I certainly could use the reminder. Additionally, if anyone has recommendations for vendors/items, I am all ears! Feel free to leave a comment!


I will post updates and reviews for items as they arrive as additional comments to this thread and tracking updates here on the main page.


Thanks for joining my on this journey to build my first outfit and my path to joining the 501st, Old Line Garrison, and you all, the SpecOps Detachment.

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Vendor suggestions:

Helmet Fans - Trooper Tronix - https://www.facebook.com/TrooperTronix

Belt and components (minus leather goods) - Jim Tripon (Check out his build thread) http://forum.501stsp...-and-armor-wip/

Spead holster / leather pouch - I know Mark (nanotech) was working on a screen accurate set, he has a build on here as well. http://forum.501stsp...-trooper-build/


Good luck with your build, looking forward to hear about your progress

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Great list! I'm almost in the same spot as you are. Same manufacturer and same issue with the measurements.

I have received the DrMartens Talib and they fit nicely. I managed to buy them online for less then $80.



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I am currently making a few sets of the leather stuff. Slow going at the moment due to my build. If you a definitely not in any hurry I might be able to get one done in a couple of months.


I can also provide instructions on how to do it yourself which I plan on doing in a "how to" thread separate from my build.


Build looking good :)

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