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Another debate on pieces and parts (Ref: left forearm cylinders)

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Anybody seen any "creditable" info on the three cylinders on our armor left forearms? Some folks over on the DT Buidrs FB page are saying rockets or blaster, most are saying "code cylinders" LOL Lets form a research committee and then have a staff hearing/poll to determine what to put as the "official" function of these things other than catching on my E-11D sling.

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They are greeblies at this point :)


I've seen them referred to as guns before. There isn't any visual proof of what they are to my knowledge. Never shown in use as a weapon. Perhaps in the novels somewhere?


I do wonder if it matters. Are we just looking for a different label for them or for some other reason?

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I agree ... greeblies! Besides they just look cool! I was half-way joking and more over making a point that there are a lot of things on a lot of other suits that we have no clue what they are and/or do. I can see some kid coming up to one of us at a trooping and asking what they are. I did tell a my neighbor's kid who is into Spiderman, that they were Galactic Web-shooters ... LOL the look he gave me was priceless. :laugh1:

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