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Anovos Death Trooper Kit

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I think the kit looks mediocre at best. Probably not worth the inevitable wait it will take to even receive a kit. The helmets on the other hand I think are amazing. I couldn't be happier with mine. Sort of ruffled some feathers with that opinion on the DT builders group but I would buy a second in a heartbeat, and probably will with the new release.

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The main reason Id go for an Anovos helmet is accuracy and lightweight (assuming it is plastic) and that sounds preferable to resin for me...can you guys that on one confirm? Id like to know for sure before dropping $700 on a plastic bucket...

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The Anovos helmet is made of fiberglass, and to be honest it's heavy as dirt. Its not uncomfortably heavy, but much more so than I was expecting.

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It's pricey, but it doesn't suffer from being slightly inflated in size where some others do. It's accurate, but it's heavy. You need to weigh those things. If the money isn't a question and the weight isn't a concern, then it is a great choice.

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Good point Steve. So then: Can someone with an Anovos please weigh their helmet?


Guys with other helmets can we get some weights from you?


Lets say finished, visor and all, the padding shouldnt matter too much, but we may as well know right? Cant be that hard to compare.

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Not to say I'm an Anovos fanboy but Anovos is the only mfg given access movie costumes, though the OTTK is still up for debate lol. Their accuracy in many aspects will be very close. Disney and Lucas have very strict guidelines they need to follow so again you can trust it will be very close to canon.


That being said I have the FOTK beta fiberglass helmet. From what I understand all the fiberglass helmets they make weigh almost the same, within 1lb of each other. My FOTK was roughly 5lbs. Being the DT helmet is a large construction hemet with greeblies I say is will be close if not heavier than others. Without having one in my hands that's my educated guess.

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