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Sgt. Bilko's DT Build Thread

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Hello SPC OPS!


Starting a build thread to share my build and call on this forum's expertise. I have built TK armor to Centurion, so I have some experience with a build. I set my eyes on the DT and decided I wanted to build it as well. Here is where I am currently.

  • Helmet - ArmoryShop (2nd Gen - Fiberglass). On Hand. I am printing a second helmet as well.
  • Armor - 850 Armor Works (3rd Gen - nice shiny ABS). Awaiting delivery.
  • Undersuit - ImperialBoots "Killer Combo" (KC). I've had great service from these folks. I was excited to see this combo in their offering.
  • Gloves - Imperial Boots KC
  • Boots - Imperial Boots KC
  • Blasters - 3D Files from Tom Campbell. E-11D and SE-14R. Printed, Built and awaiting paint.
  • Soft Parts - WIP, TBD

It's been a while since I posted on the forums and I see PhotoBucket has gotten pricey. As soon as I find an alternative, I'll post my progress pics thus far. Stay Tuned.

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Looking forward to your build. If you want a photobucket alternative check out imgur. I have used it to host all the pics on my build and so far so good.

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My 3D printer did a good job printing the parts, so I'm only going to fill some areas with Bondo (for plastic) and smooth others before applying the primer. For the finish job, I'm following in the footsteps of Tommy. The materials for this part are:

  1. Automotive 'Plastic' Bondo
  2. Sandpaper (220, 400, 600)
  3. Rustoleum Automotive Primer - Grey
  4. Rustoleum Flat Black
  5. Rustoleum Metallic Aluminum (for front of barrel)
  6. Tamiya Weathering Kit Master #D (Burnt blue, Burnt red, Oil stain)
  7. Extra Tamiya Applicators (kit comes with one, will need at least three). I plan on going to the local make-up isle for Tommy's purple and possibly extra applicators.

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E-11D Blaster. Weathered with blaster barrel heat discoloration. Used Tamiya weathering kit D with additional purple Lorel makeup. Practiced technique on a piece of PVC pipe painted earlier.









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Been a long work week, but finally able to get started on the armor build. To get started, I plan on rough cutting all of my pieces. I am going to save black ABS pieces to make strips, as I did from my TK build. From there I will begin the task of dry fitting onto myself. During the process of dry fitting, I will fine cut to fit and sand the amor. For this work, I use a Dremel 3000 with a model 225 Flexible shaft. This is a personal preference. Some folks cut and snap and others use lexan scissors. The Dremel method is faster and more accurate. If you are not comfortable with the Dremel you can do a lot of damage to the armor. So choose wisely.

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Rough cuts complete. I'm going to start with the forearms. I'm assuming NO return edges on these, as with TK. CRL does not mention this. Also, the 850 armor has seam lines which I believe will overlap one another. This should make the assembly easier.









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Making slow progress due to being worked like a dog...LOL. I've finished the forearm armor and have set aside for final cleaning. Working on the shins. After dry fitting the shins, it appears I will have to trim them down by about 3". I'm a bit worried about this, as I don't want to trim off any CRL required lines off of the armor. I'm in touch with 850 to discuss how best to do this. By the way, 850 Armor Works has started a tutorial page on FB. See links below:


850 armor works page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/205514516516535/


Death Trooper Tutorial page - https://www.facebook.com/deathtrooperjames/





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