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Shadow Troopers appearance and color scheme

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Hi all


Just putting together the concept of a Shadow trooper build and keep running into a lot a variations when searching for the color scheme and appearance of the trooper.


The action figures from Hasbro are quite dark and have a two tone metallic appearance with clean edged lines forming distinctive contrasts on the helmet, chest piece, shoulder bells and legs.


My question is, would it be accurate to base an Force Unleashed Armour build on these figures?



While the game had so many variations depending on console, also taking into consideration lighting effects, pallets and low quality graphics.

And I have also seen many images without the distinctive LED lighting from the game.



I have looked at the awesome build from FiveZero and the control but im a bit more confused on whats accepted.


And Thanks for any advice or lore you can help to understand them better.





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The key issue with action figures is they are so constantly inaccurate, taking shortcuts in the manufacturing process h what's easier isn't always accurate. That being said, we can use an action figure to help with certain details, mainly to corraborate what we already see. They are never used as the primary source for the main color. I'd like to give Ty a chance to comment on his particular build.

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Hey Rob!


As Steve mentioned, don't look at the action figures. Just look at the video game versions, since that's where they originate. So with that said, there's two versions of the TFU Shadow Stormtrooper; the Wii version and the PC/Xbox 360/PS3 version. My build is based on the PC/etc. version.


The Wii version has a slightly different paint scheme that uses a little darker gray and some details on the armor are painted a little differently. Also the Wii version doesn't have the lights everywhere.



The PC/etc. version has a simpler paint scheme with a much lighter gray used that almost blends with the silver in some lighting. Also this has the blue lights on the parts. As I stated above, this is what my TFU Shadow is based on and is the only version that is currently approved for the 501st.



So ignore the figures, stick to one of the video game options. :thumbsup: The Wii build would be an easier build due to not having lights running everywhere, but would need LMO approval and probably a new CRL to go along with it.






PS - It looks like the reference pics post is broken due to Photobucket... I'll try to re-upload the reference pics I have.

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Hi and thanks for the reply's.


Fivezero I think that has cleared up a few questions i had about the troopers, there were so many versions floating about and i think its just a case of choose one from the game versions and going for it!

I don't think I have the experience yet to tackle the PC/Xbox version yet, so defiantly look at building my Armour build based on the Wii version for now.


Thanks again



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