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Dylan's DT build

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It was around the 30/6/2017 when I received my 4X20 scope for the SE-14R which I had ordered off EBay. a35ee35eea0c4395338ed70538efb7e9.jpg2d8e6f3f716c5410b2ab8b3f7924bef4.jpg


I was I little worried at first, due to the condition that the box was in, but the scope seemed to be perfectly fine... until I had a look inside, and found that the horizontal cross hair had been broken.[emoji22][emoji35]








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On the 16/7/2017 I started to glue the SE-14R parts together.



I was also, lucky enough to find the perfect spring, which is a 10mm diameter by 20mm spring, which I found out of an old broken nerf gun.[emoji1]






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On the 20/7/2017 I received my MP40 pouch set.[emoji2]



I removed the small pouch, as the one that it was attached to had the loops for the strap positioned correctly.



But this resulted in the middle pouch missing one of the fastening loops on the front.



Also, the stitching was white, so I just went over it with a black sharpie.


Before (this is the other pouch):






Lol, the light makes it still look a little white.







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On the 30/7/2017 I started giving the SE-14R parts and the shoulder bells a couple of coats of primer.



At this stage, up until now, I have been quite pleased with how they have turned out, as I have had terrible experiences in the past, when I tried spray painting.


For those wondering, the primer that I am using is Rustoleum flat grey.







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On the 3/8/2017, so just yesterday, I received my pauldron from Trooperbay.[emoji2]





I am very impressed and pleased with the quality of this pauldron, and even though I still have a tone of work to do, I can already start to feel things coming together. [emoji16]






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Just realised that I forgot to show images of the under suit, so here they are.

upper body (front):














I got my gloves from Endorfinders on Facebook.










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SE-14R is done, just need to go back over the little bits where the glue squeezed out.



Also, the little bit of metallic black/ gunmetal looking stuff on the trigger is graphite powder, which I used so that the trigger slides more smoothly.






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Finally decided to pack up for the night, haha, after 6hrs of sanding, and I'm still not finished. I went over the pieces with 40 grit sand paper, then went over again with 120 grit. I intend on going over them twice more, once with 240 grit, then finally 400 grit.






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