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The build of my shadow

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It's been a month I've strated the build of my Anovos Shadow.


It began with the trimming.









Then I started gluing and straping everything together :)


So far I have :

  • Helmet : I need to put the padding in place.
  • Chest/but/cod/... : everything is strapped together. I still need to glue the buttons on the belly and the plastic straps on the shoulders.
  • Arms : all pieces are glued. I need to do the straps for the biceps to the shoulder bell and the strap for the shoulder bell to the chest.
  • Legs : shins are glued. I need to add the cover strip in the back. The thighs are trimmed. Once they are glued I'll check where I need to cut it so I can walk then I'll add the details on the knees.
  • Shoes : need to buy
  • Gloves : need to find them in the house :P

Here is how it looks now :)



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Couldn't he make the forearms a clamshell type closure and use Velcro to secure it? Just like the shins.

  • Forearms must appear to be fully sealed and enclosed.

Doesn't say must be fully sealed.

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  • 4 months later...

It's been a while ^^


I did my first complete test fit today. Everything seemed good except that the shoulder straps keep ungluing -_- I was thinking maybe put something in the holes to have more surface to stick. What do you think ?


And also, the forearm are too big. The CRL doen't mention the number of details you need to have on it. The picture in the CRL have 10 but mine have 12. Is it bad if I cut one of ?

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You could take a long piece of spare ABS from your initial trimming and cut it down to size to go along the underside of the strap to give it more surface area for the glue. I know a lot of people do that to reinforce the straps so that they don't crack at the top of the chest piece when the shoulder presses on them over time. I was able to get enough glue on the ridges on the bottom so that they it sticks, and then cleared the sides of any excess glue that squeezed out.


As for the forearms, if they are too long it shouldn't matter on the numbers of details (from what I've seen) and you cutting them down, just as long as it meets that one requirement for appearing to be fully sealed and enclosed.

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I doesn't have a lot of room to do pictures so better pictures need to wait a week but here you go :)




The shoulder straps seems to be holding on but we'll see after more than 10 min in the armor what happen :)I have a pinch at the back of my right knee so I need to cut a little bit more plastic there. The gloves aren't the right one but I was too lazy to go in the basement grab the goo ones ^^ And I relalized I completly forgot the do the detonator :sweat:


What do you think of it ?

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From what I can see it looks pretty good! Black is hard to photograph (found out the hard way during approval photos, I had to resubmit haha). A few suggestions, and others can correct me if I'm wrong:

  • Edge of the drop boxes should line up with the last ammo pack on the belt at the end, where the edge of the drop box meets the end of the ridge of the first ammo box before you get to the second one. It is hard to word that the correct way, I know that was the way with my stormtrooper on lineup.
  • Maybe bring that right forearm up the arm a smidge, closer to the bicep.
  • I can't tell but double check to make sure the tube strips are on the helmet. I'm not sure which batch of armor you got from Anovos, but one of the waves they were missing on some of the helmets (mine included). Easy fix as you can either paint some on or buy some stickers for them.

Other than that, from what I can see it looks good! :thumbsup:

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  • 1 month later...

Hello :D


It's been a while ^^


The week-end after my last picture, I had a small convention I used as a crash test for the armor ^^ What I learned :

- The sniper plate and the other part in the thigh NEED to be riveted otherwise they fall apart :pinch:

- The shoulder straps hold on thank to you technic :D

- I needed to cut more of the return edge on the back of the shins and thighs because it pinched me A LOT :wallbash:


Here are two pictures of that week-end.

mini_180404113050997296.jpg mini_180404113051318298.jpg


So I made all the changes and they I submited to my GML :)




And I learned on Monday that my TX is approved :D :D :D So I'm now TC/TX 89623 :D

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