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Thigh garter system question.

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Could anyone post pics of how they tackled the suspension system?

Jimmy's are much heavier than a typical TK set. I've built the belt with two vertical straps that are adjustable.

1: best place on the thighs to attach the straps?

2: did you only use two straps or go for four?


Any tips will be much appreciated, as the thighs and shins are all I have left to conquer.

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I used a belt and loop at first and moved to using suspenders now. I only use the two straps and placed the snaps on the upper inside front of the thighs. I have Jim's kit and it works good for me. Also strictly a personal preference but I would go with heavy duty elastic for the down straps. It flexes with your leg movements and pulls the thighs right back into place.







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The suspender idea is ingenious.

I'm almost thinking of 4 straps with how much heavier these are than ABS. My whole belt system is nylon webbing, as I was afraid elastic would stretch out too soon under the weight. I'll make a pair from elastic as well... I have a 2' diameter roll of it.

I'll try attaching the straps to the highest point on the front of each thigh for my test troop at Salt Lake comic con in two weeks and see how it goes.

Thanks a million!

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The heavy duty 2 inch elastic will hold up very well. The issue I had with a belt and nylon webbing was that it pulls and puts pressure on your thigh snap attachments. I used a heavy duty epoxy originally and the snaps pulled away. Probably the only way to limit the stress of pulling would be to move the snaps and straps to the side much like they did for the movie suits.


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