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Danielle's late DT Wip

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So I'm bad at posting stuff up but over the two weeks before DragonCon we put together a death trooper kit for My GF, we were pretty rushed to get it done but had most of the parts already 3d printed or from my Shore trooper abs kit, we weren't able to get it completely finished but this is what we finished in time for Atlanta. We need to add a lot of fixes, and Crl corrections before app pictures but I was ecstatic that we(her dad and her as I was stupid sick at the time) painted and assembled(her and I) the pieces in two weeks, and she had so much fun with everyone that she decided she wants to try and join the 501st....with a new goal of getting approved before me lol,default_wink.png When I get home later I will post up the list of changes/Fixes we need to make as well as some more actual Progress pics and part list.





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